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Why Tax Increase/s Is Totally Not In The Best Interest Of The United States Of America
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How to Protect the United States from Terrorism & All Violent Crimes, Reduce Prison Population, Create Jobs, Reduce the Budget Deficit Without the Need to Raise Taxes

Part 1

There are two major problems in the United States of America and Western European countries. These two major problems that are creating serious budget deficits, lack of confidence of both consumers and investors alike are: Failure to update both Military and Law Enforcement Systems that has been in existence for more than two hundred years.

It is for this reason that the government implemented and is gearing toward more budget cuts, i.e.: military (possible reduction of 80,000 soldiers and 20,000 marines), education (layoff teachers, increase tuition fees, etc.).

These budget cuts are totally wrong, misguided, ineffective, negative and unproductive. And by combining these budget cuts and the plan to raise taxes is going to hurt everyone, rich or poor, the economy, continue the increase of government debts both at local and national level.

This article therefore is written to educate and unite the American people, the leaders in the government, consumers and investors, small and big corporations, young struggling students, homeless & unemployed military veterans, active military soldiers, all members of the law enforcement that increasing taxes is not the answer to all these challenges. By increasing taxes, the government would simply keep on using the same strategies that are currently in place; Strategies that are ineffective, costly for the taxpayers, yield negative impact to the economy and causes more sufferings to humanity.

Based on my 50 plus years studies and researches of insurgency across Asia, all violent crimes from Asian countries, the entire United States of America, Western Europe, Mexico, Canada and Australia the following analysis, strategies and solutions were developed:

The United States Armed Forces is the best in the world, as far as conventional warfare is concerned. Unfortunately, when it comes to insurgency, the same military force is totally lost simply due to lack of understanding of insurgency. Ten years in Afghanistan, billions of dollars, casualties of civilians and troops, political wrangling between Washington, D.C., Afghanistan and Pakistan, these are all clear proof that my deep understanding of insurgency is far different from the military and leaders in the government.

Based on how I understood insurgency and to avoid undue distraction regarding the current military effort in Afghanistan, I will use the October 3 & 4, 1993 Battle of Mogadishu or widely known as the movie, Black Hawk Down.

After President Obama was sworn into office, his first question to the military was what are the options in Afghanistan. Along with his National Security advisers, weeks of studies were made, looking as far back as the Vietnam War, etc. Looking at the last few years of President Obama and Afghanistan, it is clear to me that there was no other options in Afghanistan other than the usual military conventional strategy.

The former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, distributed copies of this movie, Black Hawk Down to his military officers to study the weaknesses of the US military and we all know he failed to accomplish that objective.

Using this Battle of Mogadishu and applying my deep understanding of insurgency, allowed me to establish the weaknesses and strengths of both the military and the Somalia militia fighters loyal to the self-proclaimed president-to-be Mohamed Farah Aidid. Prior to the execution of the mission of the U.S. Rangers, the plan should have these objectives: Protect the U.S. Rangers, helicopters, military equipment and unarmed civilians (men, women and children). With these objectives in mind, I created the proper analysis and strategies, one is generic while the other is in full details. For the purpose of my objective of writing this article, I will only provide the generic one, while the other (full details) is reserved for government and military use only:

Isolate all unarmed children, women and men;

Take the building walls used by the militia fighters for their defensive, offensive and strategic advantage out of equation - without destroying any structures;

Give the US Rangers the defensive and offensive advantage while securing all the helicopters and other military vehicles/equipment out of shooting range;

Enable the U.S. Rangers to use Mohamed Farah Aidid's source of power against the militia fighters.

With all of the above strategies, casualties is drastically reduced and accomplishing the mission is at a much higher rate of success.

Currently there is no one in the military, active or retired that is capable of this strategy.

This is an "isolation process" that the military and law enforcement is missing. This isolation process is called, RE-MO, to honor those who died in this battle and hopefully, if our leaders in the government will be able to act fast, based on this article, save more lives and billions of dollars. RE-MO is from the words REMEMBER MOGADISHU.

IMPACT OF RE-MO in the United States and selected European countries should the government chose to adapt it:

1) Drastically reduce terrorism

2) Create jobs

3) Reduce the budget deficit both at local and national level

4) Eliminate the need to raise taxes

5) Give the consumers, taxpayers and investors the badly needed confidence in the government

6) Unite our government leaders to toward these common goals

An example of how to reduce terrorism, create jobs, reduce budget deficit, without raising taxes:

RE-MO is applicable in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, the piracy off Somalia, all types of violence in the United States, Australia, Canada and selected European nations. By understanding violence, RE-MO is capable of combining preventing violence, creating jobs, reducing prison population and homelessness with one effort.

For Afghanistan: Secretary of Defense Panetta is asking, if I remember correctly, $88 billions for the 2013 military effort in Afghanistan. And to reduce the military budget, plans to eliminate about 80,000 soldiers and 20,000 marines.

Using RE-MO, spend only less than ten percent (10%) of that money in Afghanistan, keep the 80,000 soldiers and 20,000 marines not only to prevent unemployment of these men and women in uniforms but also to keep the balance of power in the Asia Pacific region. Reduce the military budget, but continue upgrading military hardware (airplanes, vessels, weapons, etc.). This effort will be supported and funded without increasing taxes. That's more than $70 billion dollars savings in one year alone as compared to Warren Buffet's tax the rich proposal that would generate $40+ billion dollars in 11 years? Plus RE-MO's 100% guarantee of troops safety from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device);

The fight against the piracy off Somalia is approximately a 19 nations and 40 warships effort that is not capable of totally stopping the problem. Again, conventional military effort is not the answer in this problem.

Using RE-MO will only require approximately a third of the warships, only one nation (the United States) to use these strategies - a two year three-phase effort with these objectives: zero piracy, eliminate the militia fighters, establish a fully functioning government and establish food self-sufficiency. This effort will be supported by the militia fighters and pirates as well - using the power of RE-MO. U.S. AFRICOM will be more effective and accomplish missions much faster and efficiency with less budget requirement.

To be continued with: Understanding violence, the need to update the Law Enforcement System that has remained the same since its inception, to reduce prison population, create jobs, eliminate tuition hikes, rehire all our teachers back, eliminate homeless & jobless military veterans and beef up homeland security with modern solutions, all without the need to raise taxes.

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