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How A Kidney Stone Diet Can Help Beat Kidney Stones
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How A Kidney Stone Diet Can Help Beat Kidney Stones

A kidney stone diet is a specialized diet that people should utilize when they are suffering from kidney stones or are trying to pass stones. What most people don't realize is how much there diet effects there kidney function and how the body can deal with kidney stones.The majority of patients that suffer from kidney stones would be able to prevent them if following this special diet. But first lets look at what a kidney stone is briefly

A kidney stone or stone is made up of mostly calcium oxalate that tend to build up over an extended period of time. These stones can be very painful and are becoming more common in adults and children as well. Although the number of people suffering from kidney stones is increasing, most do not even know they have renal stones. Usually stones are so small they do not come with any symptoms as they pass through our body. This is a different case for people that suffer from larger stones.

Symptoms for a larger renal stone usually include:

  • sharp pain in abdominal regions and back
  • pain when trying to pass urine
  • some cases even vomiting, dizziness, and chills

The main reason most people suffer from kidney stones and kidney problems is due to there diet.A diet that consist of unhealthy food choices will likely help contribute to kidney stone development. Things like high levels of animal proteins, unhealthy fats, processed foods, large amounts of dairy, and drinks with large amounts of sugars are examples of bad choices for someone that is dealing with kidney stones as these will only make problems worse.

With that being said, a kidney stone diet should be looked at for someone that frequently develops kidney stones.There are a few rules to follow that are part of the renal stone diet so lets look at some of them.

  • Calcium should be restricted and avoided
  • Limit intake of strawberries, sugary fruits, beets
  • Animal fats should be kept to .5 g / lb of body weight
  • Salts should be restricted to 100 mEq/dl
  • Try to drink plenty of water to help flush the stones out.

Now this may sound like a lot, but it very important to help in improving kidney function and preventing stones. The key is to maintain a balanced, healthy diet and follow the guidelines set out in the specific diet for your condition. Try and stick to healthy lean meats, minimal starchy carbohydrates, cauliflower, and good sources of fiber.

Many experts believe that most kidney stone problems and conditions can be avoided or even reversed by simply changing ones diet. Remember it is important to try less invasive procedures first. Most common stones can be passed naturally from the ureter and bladder just by diet and increase fluid intake.

In conclusion I hope that you have found this information helpful if you currently have renal stone problems. Remember that our bodies should be considered our greatest asset. We should take care of them. I highly recommend following a kidney stone diet to help prevent and even help pass kidney stones in the future.

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Anna Ware  

Brilliant informativ article, thank you. Drinking warm lemon juice helps and so does juicing green veg.

  about 9 years ago
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