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Medifast On Vacation: How Does It Work?
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I recently heard from someone who was researching the medifast diet.  She was pretty sure that this diet was going to be a good fit for her, but her husband had surprised her with a Caribbean vacation.  They were leaving in two weeks.  She was very excited to get started on medifast.  And she knew she'd be wearing a bathing suit on vacation so she wanted to go ahead and get started. But she wasn't sure how this diet was going to work while she was traveling.

She asked me in part: "What happens if you're on medifast and you go on vacation?  Do you just set the diet aside during that time? Do you eat the diet food while you're away?  Can you just eat sensibly in restaurants?  What is the best way to handle this?"  I will tell you my take on this in the following article.  

Advice Varies About How To Deal With Medifast While Vacationing:  Honestly, the company literature will tell you to plan ahead and to take your meals with you.  And this is probably certainly the ideal.  And, some people don't want to do anything to slow their progress.  They are afraid that if they pause at all, they will get derailed. And, I know that many people who travel will grab small meals and snacks during the day (because they are sight seeing and enjoying themselves) and they will then enjoy a larger sit down dinner at night. 

Honestly, medifast works under the same principles.  If this describes you, you could easily grab one of the prepackaged medifast meals through out the day and then either go off the diet at dinner or just chose healthy "lean and green" options when you are eating out.  

If you're not familiar with what the "lean and green" is, this is your one larger meal each day that isn't prepackaged.  People either make this on their own, or very carefully chose restaurant or frozen food.  This is very doable while traveling or vacationing.  The company is really good about providing information about what is appropriate or advisable for this meal.  And, there are tons of recipes out there also.  

With that said, some people who travel really do enjoy sampling the local foods.  They want to enjoy each and every meal and not have to worry about being a diet when they want to have fun without thinking about dieting.  Frankly, I think this is perfectly OK.  I think we can all agree that it's important that you don't see your diet as so restrictive that you come to dread it or want to discard it because it isn't flexible enough.  

I am a big advocate of making medifast work for you.  My approach has always  been to just try to find a happy medium.   If I'm busy, it's real easy to grab a shake or bar going out the door, but when the opportunity presents itself to enjoy a good meal, I'm not going to deny myself every time either.

There's plenty of time to jump right back on medifast when you return home.  There have been plenty of occasions where I relaxed the rules for a few days and it really hasn't negatively affected me.  The real key is to just keep going when you can.  Honestly, it's the cumulative efforts that ultimately pay off in my experience.  Every day is not going to be perfect.  But even if you are good most of the time, you will be taking in far less calories and carbs and that should wield some decent weight loss in the end.  

Want more tips and advice on how to be successful on medifast? Lindsey's free medifast ebook offers tips, recipes, coupons, and support.  Check it out if you like at


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