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Art Of Thankfulness
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Everyday you thank GOD for the wonderful things in your life and you have many more resasons to be thankful. It is indeed a good habit to be thankfulness in everything you have in this life.Thankfulness tend to reproduce happiness and joy.The attitude of gratitude tend to revitalize your mental process by activating your other attitudes thus stimulating your creativity.

We sometimes tend to limit ourself with narrow and limited thinking which hampers in the true potential growth of one's ability.We tend to restrict ourself by our glum and negative thinking.We achieve success in academics and in our job but when right attitude and perceptive are not in place we loose the true meaning and purpose of life.If we know how to be thankful to whatever we have achieved,our outlook towards life changes totally.

Sometimes we overlook our parents,friends and the people who love us but we take things for granted and not realise the their importance and the things they have done to us.we always remember the wrong doings of other people and forget the good things they have done for us.

We always think of things which have gone wrong for us and think nothing good has happened to me. But if we practice the art of thankfulness our attitude and pyschology changes and your life takes new meaning and path.Believe me it works wonders.Your real smile and thanks you can bring a huge change in a person.

Everthing in the world is a wonderful creation of God.The beautiful earth,sky and the sea,sun rising,star shining and birds singing.we should rejoice in the beauty of this world and be thankful for the part of wonderful creation.remind ourself true harmony and success are divine purpose of your life. It is important that we hold positive thoughts longer throughout the days.

Thankfulness does'nt limit ouself its goes beyond the normal realms and gets you altogether into a different zone. We are constantly in touch with reality and truth and real purpose of life.Then we are able to realish and enjoy the true fruits of life and life becomes meaningful.

Sometimes in life people are harsh and rude to you when your only intention was peace,love and harmony and we feel betrayed and injustice has been done you.Then you become quite,sad,remorse.things become really cruel and tend to loose focus and direction in life.Then you realise how important your parents and true friends in life have been and you thankful to them for understanding and supporting them through the tough time.If other talk negatively about you cannot help that but you can try not obliged that metally.

You are created beautifully for the wonderful things.Its only you find your true potential by doing good little by little everyday.Then you realize everything starts working in your favour and you will starts enjoying the life to the fullest.Just consider the potential we carry which cannot be ignorned and future is unknown but with positive thinking right action we can change the scenario of our destiny and history has shown numerous times how man have achieved greater things in life from hopeless situation.Atleast we can start thankfully that we are alive and opportunity is limitless

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