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Be Positive - Tune To Happy Channel 13
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Be Positive  -  Tune to Happy Channel 13

If people realized how their thinking influences their lives they would mind their thoughts more carefully! Things happen in our lives because of the thought we project. Thoughts truly become reality. If you can think of something you can make it happen. Therefore setting goals and dreaming plays very important role in achieving our goals.

Perseverance is attractive. How many times you hear couples saying that one of the partners just kept approaching the other until they have become an item! Then they ended up getting married! One did not give up even when the other refused! Perseverance shows that you are serious! That you are seriously interested and determined to work for your goals and that you seriously committed to achieve your goals and get what you want!

If babies gave up walking after a few falls they would never learn to walk! Have you seen a baby? They just keep standing up then falling. Standing up and falling. Standing up and falling. Standing up, falling, crying, bruising and hurting themselves but they just keep standing up UNTIL!

We all have unlimited power within us to create greatness. It all starts with a DREAM. When we are in tune with the Universe and raise our vibration to be on the Happy Channel, we become harmonious with the wonder of creation and ideas flow through us.

Imagine a TV set. If you want to watch Channel 7 with the News but your TV is set on Channel 9 broadcasting sport, you won't be able to watch the News! To watch the News you need to change the frequency and switch to Channel 7!

Exactly the same applies to us. We all vibrate on different levels and even within the day our mood, energy level and feelings fluctuate. The more consistent you are tuning then staying on a higher vibration level feeling happy and grateful, the more you will attract positive things. Like attracts like, you heard it! When you are tired and grumpy, lacking energy and feeling dark, you change channel to Channel 2, Grumpy Channel. There you will find boring program and grumpy people, just like yourself. The moment you shift back to normal and feel happy, positive, grateful, you changed your frequency and tuned to Happy Channel 13! On that channel the TV program is upbeat and great and the people who surround you are also full of energy and positive! Well, most of them!

You could ask. How do I change channel and raise my vibration? Simple and can be learned. The healthier, more active and productive you are the more satisfied you will be. Eating high vibrational foods will raise your energy level and frequency. Fruits and vegetables are these things that are full with energy and sunshine, chlorophyll. Drinking lots of water and taking regular baths, spa, swimming will flush away negative energies. Exercising regularly is another good way to change vibration. Giving, helping others, doing jobs that make you happy and energized. Loving relationships with others and lots of laughter increases your vibration. Spending time in nature is a great way to recharge yourself. Notice what are the things that make you feel alive, that energize you and people who make you feel alive. Seek those experiences. More time you spend this way, the more easily you can tune to Happy Channel 13. Soon you will notice that even when things aren't that fantastic you still can recall what it feels like to be on Channel 13 and change your frequency without outside influence. Just with the power of your mind! That is when it becomes an attitude!

The best antidote of worry is to take action. Once you start focusing on doing, you will gain a new perspective on life.

Unbelievable how many keep saying to themselves I can't do it. It's impossible. Have you realized what impossible is? I am possible. I'm possible. Impossible. So never ever use that word again! In my view there is no such thing as impossible. Impossible just takes longer! That's all!

Quit making excuses. The past is past. That's not where you are heading so stop looking back!

Words are powerful. The more we hear something, the more we believe it. Make sure that the words you use serve you well! Watch your thoughts and watch what comes out of your mouth! If it is not something that you would like to happen to you, don't think of it and don't say it! Replace negative thoughts and words with positive. Keep practicing this until you mastered it! Awareness is the key!

We humans keep evolving. We are not taught that change is a positive force in our lives and it acts as a journey of self-discovery from which we benefit long term.

Challenging situations in our lives are opportunities for growth, progress and change. While we can't see into the future, we can reach a point of contentment and peace where we welcome new challenges and opportunities. Believe that the power within you will bring success.

Represent the highest ideals and standards in everything. Give the best of yourself, and you will get the best in return. If you believe you will win, the odds immediately become stacked in your favour. Be realistic. Expect miracles!

Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.

Lighten up and enjoy the ride!

Cheers, Piroska

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