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How To Apologize For A Mistake
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How to Apologize for A Mistake

"The ability to forgive is an asset as possible. The weak never forgive, "he says once Mahatma Gandhi. "Sorry" ... a word with so many emotions! Mistakes are human ... but few can be readily admit. Many find it difficult to ask for forgiveness, or because of selfishness or because of an inability to admit their guilt. But an apology can not only bring balance to a friendly or romantic relationship, but is able to unite two people for a lifetime!

The steps for an "apology"

The word "fault" is actually not as difficult as it initially seems. Just let your fears and excuses and follow the steps below:

Ask yourself: "What really went wrong?"

If you do not know where you are wrong ... there will never be able to defend effectively! Many times we do not foresee that an action may adversely affect a person, but that does not automatically mean that we have done wrong. How to apologize for a mistake ... A false apology is capable of doing more harm than good, while the genuine apology faces essentially a quarrel. Ask yourself what you have done wrong places and then over their egos!

Take full responsibility

When the error is exclusively yours, do not share responsibility with others and do not try to find excuses. Face it as soon as possible that the responsibility is yours unconditionally. Excuses can lead you to destruction, but an imperfect forgiveness often taken as an insult to the other! At the same time, away from all that looks fake apology, formal or meaningless ...

Select the appropriate time for an apology

Sometimes it is better to ask forgiveness immediately after the error, while others are better to wait "fizzled out" the situation. However, the sooner you ask forgiveness, the more likely the other one to judge your act as a mistake now, rather than a defect in your character. In contrast, the longer you wait to apologize, the more difficult to repair your relationship with another person.

How to apologize for a mistake ... Formulate your apology carefully

No need to make your life more difficult and pretending! If you have a good reason to keep "live" your relationship ... the other person wants to hear. It is better to say: "I want to apologize because I really care about this relationship," but to express yourself with the words: "I was passing and thought I should apologize." Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid the sentence "Please forgive me", as it involves a true remorse ...

Express your appreciation for the other person

Ask if the other will give you a chance to correct your mistake, but also highlight the role it holds in your life! This is the time to refer briefly to the love that exists between you and the events that have passed along. Tell him that your life will not be the same without him and his friends and will try to regain his confidence ...

An effective apology ...

How to apologize for a mistake ... A genuine apology is needed discipline. This is a deliberate attempt to solve a problem in a relationship. The following tips can lead you into a believable and genuine apology:

Be patient. Some people need time to forgive each other. Remember that because someone accepts your apology does not mean that you have forgiven completely. You must be next to him and to support him for some time, until your trust again.

Avoid the temptation to justify the end! Apology Start with your feelings and actions describe your mistakes. Avoid words like 'but' or 'if', and the phrase "I'm sorry, but ...", since it means "I am sorry."

Because body language betrays much, keep your hands crossed or shake his finger aggressively towards each other.

When you want to apologize, it is good to be alone with each other. So not only will reduce the likelihood of the person affected by other opinions, but will make you less nervous.

Ask forgiveness without words ...

There are so many ways to say sorry. With a little thought and planning you will find the perfect way for you, which will add an "extra" on your oral apology apology ...

How to apologize for a mistake ... Make a gift of repentance ...

For the most intimate relations, according to research in the U.S., stating that the more "classic" gift given with an apology are the jewels. Jewellery Company found that most customers buy jewelry, because they were looking to find a way to admit their mistake.

Using poetry and music

A poem or a song can express a person's soul. But one piece of verse or poetry may accompany an apology to become more romantic and touching. Probably a song that has marked your relationship or your vacation unforgettable may enhance your partial apology....

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