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How To Connect With Joy No Matter What's Happening
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How To Connect With Joy No Matter What\'s Happening

Now is the perfect time for joy. No matter what's happening, the human spirit's leap of faith can be linking positive thinking to joy.


Today I'm writing to share about joy and talking. Used well, talking is a powerful way to connect.

When I look around here at Street Articles, I get to experience the positive thinking of electronic talking at it's best. I get to take a leap of faith and return today;)


There’s plenty of pain going around so a sense of joy and your ability to connect with joy matters more now than ever. Based on the state of the economy, I’m hazarding a guess that you know someone traveling a difficult path that could use some joy right about now.

Who knows? Maybe even that chap in the mirror.

You can learn how to connect with joy no matter what’s happening.


Regardless of your physical pain and emotional pain you can experience joy. You can share joy, too.

Talking is one way how to connect with joy no matter what’s happening. It has to do with serving.

The aspect I want to focus on in this article is the one-on-one conversation on the telephone. Helping people by talking!

When you talk on the telephone you can pay attention to your feelings. But it's the perfect time to notice the feelings of another!

Then you can connect with joy because of your joy. The key is your focus on serving in joy.

For example

My car died last Saturday evening. Key in the ignition, I got all the signals that suggested a preparation for launch was in progress.

But that big wallop of electrical action that gets the car started just wasn’t happening. There I was, all dressed up and no way to go.

Now that I've learned how to connect with joy no matter whats happening, that's what I did. I reached out without losing my joy. My telephone message ended in, “Oh, well!”

I got a ride in minutes. Round trip;)

In joy, later that evening I reached out with another telephone message to another friend. Turned out to be the perfect time to help out while getting my car fixed.

When you learn how to connect with joy no matter what's happening you can be connecting with people and making a difference.

Even when you ask for help, it's the perfect time to serve. That’s how to connect with joy no matter what's happening. Yes, I get to help people who help me.

Street Talk

Enjoyed it!

  about 9 years ago


  about 9 years ago

What a beautiful article....and I so believe in what you are saying...people are always saying to me....What makes you so darn happy all the time.....and I tell them....I believe....and He keeps me happy...I have had many trials and tribulations and sometimes I think I am not in a good place and then I see someone in a wheelchair and then I know.....I am in a great place no matter what....just because I can walk and talk and type and wow....thanks this is great.....k

  about 9 years ago

Thank you Sister Kaite. You're so right! Delighted to read your comment.

  about 9 years ago
Joan S  

It's important to keep a sense of joy and a sense of humor, no matter what. It helps ourselves and others. Not healthy to take ourselves too seriously, or events we have no control over too seriously. Much better to make a joke and lighten the atmosphere. Can often help friends by just making them laugh. Wonderful article Cynthia. Thank you.

  about 9 years ago

Thank you. Joan, you're absolutely right. A sense of humor helps lighten the atmosphere. It is important to keep both a sense of joy and a sense of humor. Thanks for your insightful comment. Yes! Laughter is a great blessing.

  about 9 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly, I have a son who is on the road alone most of the time. The local work situation is so bad here that he has to travel to keep his head above water. I talk with him several times a week and can tell by the tone of his voice or his lack of communication what kind of day he's had. I can then encourage him if needed or just let him vent. Great article Cynthia

  about 9 years ago

Thanks, John. I just said a prayer for your son. Let's see if we can get our businesses (yours and mine and all of us here at Street Articles) soaring so that we can help people like your son as we get on our own feet financially. Who knows, he may not feel a fit with you but may find a home working sideline grow by getting help from someone who one of us helps to launch a business next year.

  about 9 years ago

Nice article Cynthia - very deep meaning article !

  about 9 years ago

Thank you Eugene. I appreciate you being here and your compliments.

  about 9 years ago
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