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How To Have A Positive Attitude After Losing A Job
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How to Have A Positive Attitude After Losing A Job

Hello everyone. Josh here. I just wanted to talk with you about something today. Something I believe every person will go through at least once in their life. I have just recently lost my job due to not being able to show up, because of harsh weather conditions. My windshield wipers went out. My heating system went out. There was freezing rain three days in a row. So I got fired. I was probably the best worker there, but that just shows that anyone can become a victim of the casualties of modern life. For three days I have sat around the house regretting all that happened. Sitting in my small room sleeping and crying most of the time. I miss all the people there, and I miss what I had. It can never be replaced. I thought I would never get over this silly depression. I managed to pull myself out of it. How did I do it?

I accepted that when one door opens another closes. Life's journey is not always in a straight line. It goes in zigzags and up and down. But in good faith it will eventually lead back to somewhere worth being.

I accepted that I have to keep trying and make something happen, because as a human being I am gifted with many choices. (that fact alone should cheer anybody up) If I don't do anything about it, then those zigzags will be a straight line, a straight line going down to rock bottom. That should be obvious. So there is some destiny and fate involved in getting a new job, but you have to do your part. That's all part of life. You can't get something for nothing, and nothing comes easy.

While your on the rocky road, you have the option to veer over the big rocks. Make good decisions. Everyone's going to have obstacles. I believe that is the true test of man. If you didn't have hard times what would you compare the easy times too? It builds character. Like Napoleon Hill says, "Following the path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men crooked". I live by that quote.

So there you have it. Hope this helped. These are all the things that ran through my head that knocked me out of this horrible depression. Sometimes you just need time to sit and reflect on everything for the answers. Search in yourself. We are all searching, and we are all in this together. Heaven help you in your journeys in this complicated one life we get.

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Hi Josh, I love Napeleon Hill .... subscriped to that theory. Stay happy and everything always works out

  about 9 years ago
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