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How To Stay On Track When You Have Really Bad Days, When Everything Seems To Work Against You?
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Firstly, what people mean by ‘bad days’? Are there days in our lives which are meant to be bad and others to be good?

It seems there are. When we think we have a bad day, the reality around us confirms that. If we start the day irritated, we continue to see only the bad part of everything. We remember all the unpleasant things we encountered lately and expect still to unfold before us only unpleasant things. Our mind filters all the information coming to us and chooses only what is relevant to sustain our point of view.

Our thoughts attract annoying events which makes our life a nightmare: we are late at important events, we stain our cloths, don’t have time to drink our coffee, an unscheduled meeting cancel other important tasks in our agenda, we feel overwhelmed and helpless.

In these conditions, our daily plans are ruined.

Sometimes, it is enough to happen something to prevent us from doing one of our daily habits and all our day is compromised. If, for instance, from one reason or another we cannot drink our morning coffee we feel frustrated and this feeling attracts other unpleasant events spoiling our entire day.

If we continue think negative, everything is going worse.

But we have the power to reverse the trend, stop negative thinking and find reasons to think positive.

How could you do it?

It is quite simple. When you realize you are going to the wrong direction stop, take a few breaths and then say to yourself: ‘It is enough. From now on my bad day becomes my good day. What do I really want?’ putting this question our thinking will lead us in another direction. We will start to think what we can do to save our day.

We know that the most important thing for us is to not let one single day to pass without making at least one step toward our goals.

So, now revise your plan for today and see what task you can accomplish immediately, then do it and check it as fulfilled.

Aren’t you now feeling much better?

Look again to your daily planning and see if there is another task which you can accomplish and do the same. After it, you can do the urgent and not so important things that issued unexpected.

The feeling of not letting your bad mood to spoil your entire day will have a miraculous effect upon your self-esteem level.

Don’t hesitate to pray yourself for your victory and celebrate: things are now under your own control!

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