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Let Go Of The Hurt!
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Whatever we cherish and whatever we nourish will always flourish. For some strange reasons, we often cherish and nourish feelings of hurt which we should let go of and allow to perish.

People seem to place such great importance on hurt feelings. Quite often it becomes one of their most prized possessions, a key part of their identity.

Letting go of the hurt, it seems, would be letting go of a part of their inner being!

In life things in and of themselves have no real intrinsic values.

Things, events and our experiences only have values to the extent of that which we place on them. In other words it is our thoughts, feelings and interpretations of these which give them new meanings or their significance.

We realise then that it is our reactions and emotions to these things which are the real or true defining moments.

Life it is often said is filled with ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, a thousand joys and a thousand sorrows. Many things will happen in life and we can never truly predict or have total control over events which occur.

At the same time, however, while we cannot determine what happens to us we can always determine how we react to whatever happens to us.

We live and learn and mistakes. Things happen to us and things happen because of us. When we hit the ground or find ourselves on the ground we simply need to get up. It does not matter if we fell, if we were thrown or pushed to the ground by others.

Whatever were the circumstances that lead to our being there, whether we are at faults or it is the ill will of others, playing the victim and descending into feelings of being hurt (emotionally) will not uplift us. In this case the pun is indeed appropriate and intended.

The blame game is the game most often played. We have all at some point in our lives played this game. Sometimes it is used to make excuses and rid us of our responsibilities, at other times it allows us to hold onto feelings of hurt and nurture an unforgiving spirit.

Forgiving others of the wrongs and serious harms they have done to us is never an easy task. Yes, it is clearly understood that if we do not recall or have no memory of the bad things which happen then we run the risk of making similar mistakes with possibly even more detrimental or serious consequences.

In similar manner when others have harmed or wrong us, it is natural and serves to protect us that we do remember. At the same time, however, the true spirit of forgiveness does not we should forget the wrong that was done and the person or persons who did it.

Forgiveness means that there is no longer any pain, no more feelings of hurt associated with the memory of that wrong. It means the memory of it is no longer an emotional burden which we struggle and grapple to overcome.

We forgive others, not because they are necessarily worthy of forgiveness, but because we are always deserving of forgiving anyone who has wronged us. The person who has forgiven, and not the one who has been forgiven, is the greatest beneficiary of the act of forgiveness.

Every release brings some sweet release!

There is that sense of relief when we forgive others and simply let go of the feelings of hurt. Feelings of hurt are unnecessary burdens we carry and the longer we carry them the more burdensome, tormenting and destructive they become.

So let us forgive and live. Let us live and learn and enjoy life to the fullest!

Let us free ourselves from the burden of hate, resentment and the unforgiving spirit. Let us let go of all feelings of hurt.

Letting go of all feelings of hurt will only lead to that spiritual rebirth, the point at which we cease to hurt.

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