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Low Of Attraction – A Tool For You To Use In Accelerating Your Success And Changing Your Life
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The first step in changing your life is to think at your past and present situation and take full responsibility of it.

As Stephan Kovey teaches us in his book, “7 habits of highly effective people”, we have to be proactive and take the responsibility for our life. That means we have to stop accusing anybody else for our own problems and failures and realize that only we are those responsible for what we are living.

Why is this so important?

Because accepting full responsibility for our life is nothing else than a strong evidence of our power to create our destiny. Take a few minutes and try this: Think a little bit on how is your present life. Are you satisfied with what you have achieved so far? Is there something you think might have been different? Analyze the triggers which determined what you are living at present. Be fair with yourself. It is worthy to take your time to make this exercise.

Keep practicing this new way of thinking. When something, good or bad, happens to you, stop for a minute and think: What and whose decision caused this? Could this event/situation have been different? How? Here is an example: Let’s suppose that you fail an exam. Before the exam, one of your best friends had came in your town and paid you a visit. You spend a lot of time with him instead of learning. You will be tempted to say that you failed because he came in the wrong moment. But if you think a little bit more, you will realize that the possibility to change the things was right in your hands. If you would have reduced the time spent with your friend, you could have learnt more and passed the exam.

When everything is clear for you regarding the responsibility, you can make a further step in understanding how things work in our lives. Be grateful for getting this new point of view upon your life and, now, focus on your future, because now your life is in your own hands and not in anyone else’s.

During the last ten years people have been talking more and more about a law which governs our lives, the law of attraction. If you would like to read materials about its scientific background, you may go on Google and you will find plenty on this subject.

The famous movie, “The Secret”, describes the way this law affects our lives, but without telling how exactly it works. A lot of authors came after it with explanations, tips, and methods on how to manifest absolutely anything by using this law in our favor (the law is acting permanently and is impacting us anyhow; the idea is how to take opportunity of it).

Since people started to talk about the magic of “the secret”, the main concern of everybody is if there is or not a certain way through which we could materialize anything we would like in our lives. A part of people don’t believe it arguing that it is insane to think that by focusing on something you can get it. Some other wants to believe, but concentrate mainly on the magic, fairy tale part of the problem. They start to imagine an object, let’s say a certain car, house or relationship. They focus every day on it waiting for desire manifestation and, after a while, they don’t see any change and begun to doubt that this law exists and could really help them.

Where are they all wrong?

Like the law of gravitation’s effect is that all the things on our planet fall down on earth, the law of attraction’s effect is that ‘like attracts like’. On very short, in the energy field we are living in, each particle is magnetized toward a similar one. The essence of a positive thought will materialize in a positive situation in our life. Many specialists and law of attraction coachers recommend us to visualize and get the feeling of what we desire: the feeling of having the car or the house of our dream or the feeling of being in the relationship we want to get. But why’s that? It is because we don’t have to think at the physical outcome of our wish, we have to think at the essence of what we dream to have or be.

The fact is that we don’t have the big picture of our life. From our point of view we can see only a part of the things. For instance, let’s suppose that we meet a charming person we would like to be with. We fall in love with him/her and start to see him/her as being the ideal partner we might ever have. But, as ‘the love is blind’ our perception is offering us an image that might not coincide with the real one. The specific person we are seeing to be perfect for us could not match our dream partner; God knows that and the law of attraction cannot bring it because his/her energy doesn’t match our thought.

By expressing our wish through the specific feeling and not by a certain material thing, we convey the right message and the universe will magnetize our dream to us. In our example, we will meet another partner and our dream will become true.

We need to understand very clear this issue. When we want to have of be something in our life and we decide to focus on our wish, we have to imagine how we would feel and to visualize how will look like our life when our goal will have been accomplished.

At the moment we will feel comfortable with our vision, the magic will begin. Everything around us will concur to bring about our desire. We will see opportunities we never saw before, we will meet the right people and we will get in the right situations. Everything will help us to materialize our dream.

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