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Positive Thinking
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Positive Thinking

Do you want to grow and improve yourselves? The answer will surely be “Yes”. Then it is a must that you start thinking positive and practice positive thinking.

In life you may go through various stages of negativity, unemployment, loss of money and position. You may lose your loved ones and best friends. You may feel that the life has become so horrible and wonder how to look forward to a better tomorrow. There can be different reasons or people involved for your bad times. Your attitude towards something reflects in the result of your actions. Being pessimistic or by thinking negative, you are only going to create problems and worries for you. You will lose your confidence and you will be de-motivated.

Thinking positive can give you a great relief from stress. Stress affects our body, mind and our outlook. We should not let anxiety and worries surround ourselves which will ultimately result in sleeplessness, muscular tensions and fatigue.

You must be aware of your strength and weakness and acknowledge them. You must not be comparing yourselves with others. Not every person thinks and act the same way. We all have a habit of saying “No, I cannot do this”. This is very bad. Even without knowing about what you have to do or how you can do it, if you back out saying “I cannot do this”, it shows that you are not confident of handling the situation. This also shows that you have not done a self evaluation of your strength and weakness.

If you compare yourself with your colleague or a friend who is in better position than you at work and in life and then starts worrying about you not being at par with the other person, you will get lost easily. Analyze the situation where you are and how you have reached there and at the same time think about how the other person has managed to get in a better position than you. May be that you are not as dedicated as the other person towards work. You may not have enough people to support you but the other person has some strong support enabling to fare better.

If you look at it, people who make an average living are much happier than those who run on top of the world with their abundance of wealth and fame. Those who are rich have their own worries of keeping them rich always and getting richer than they are. This brings them unwanted tensions and fear and they will not be as comfortable as you are in the public. When one is rich, his life style changes and he has to maintain his status in the public. He will be spending more even if he does not wish to spend that much. But we all look at only their life style and not their real life situations. If you analyze it carefully, you will realize you are happier than the other guy. So, if you think negatively in such situations, you will feel depressed. Positive thinking only can help you in situations like this. Everyone needs money to live happily. But happiness is relative.

When you are asked to do some task, at the first instance don’t say no to it. It may give you some benefit by way of money or fame. Say “I can do it”. Think of it more deeply and think taking into considerations of your health, wealth and mental situations – your strength and weakness importantly. Once you have thought of its positive and negative sides and still if you feel not to do it then don’t do it. But give priority to the positive aspects than the negative ones.

We all love people with positive thinking. We can see many around us who always complain about this or that. They are people with negative energy filled in them. They cannot see any good in someone or something they talk about. Their negativity will be spread to those who are next to them and this can be highly disastrous. Just one or two remarks of theirs can turn good to bad. If you see people with negativity, it is better to avoid them rather than keeping together. A positive thinking helps to build deeper and closer relationships.

You may have some illness. If you always think of it and keep worrying about it, you will not feel like doing anything in life. Instead, try not to get reminded of your problems. Divert your thoughts to something positive and creative. If you say you are sick to yourselves, then your body registers it and acts accordingly. But if you make yourselves feel that you are ok to handle the situation, then you will be able to do it.

Hatred is something that you should let go away from you. If you hate someone, then you will not be able to acknowledge whatever good he does to you or someone. You will always think negatively about him/her. Rather than finding someone’s faults, try to find the good things he/she has done and acknowledge it. Be generous to express your positive emotions and findings.

When one looks through a pair of blue glasses, he can see things only in blue or its shades. Remove the blue glasses and see how things really are. It is your attitude towards life which plays an important role.

By worrying about something which may not exist at all, you will spend your days miserably and you will in turn lose all happiness in life. Be positive that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and keep walking. You will always succeed in life with positive thinking.

Always try to be having a smile on your face. What are you going to achieve by looking sad or bearing an angry face? People may ignore you and again you will feel depressed that no one is talking to me or people are different to me.

Try to help others or ask at least whether you can be of any help. This way you build up your positive image and you will promote positive thinking. Definitely you can see the difference in your life.

Street Talk

Great article, I agree, worrying about tings that haven't happen yet or probably wont happen is like dieing a thousand deaths. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for your comment.

  about 1 decade ago

I enjoyed your article regarding ways to think positive in all situations. I like to keep busy with my hobbies, and I also like helping people. Reaching out to other people to help them is another way to be positive, especially when I provide ideas on how to improve their lives.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for the comments. What you have said is true

  about 1 decade ago
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