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Stop The Blame Game! Take Action!
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The game of love, it is said, is one that most people play and love to play.

But, I believe there is an even more popular game that we all play, at some point in our lives. It is called the blame game.

For many persons there is an over indulgence in this game that they never seem to get tired of playing.

Yes, the blame game is one with which we are all too familiar and it is the habit of casting blame on others and situations for our mishaps, misfortunes, lack of accomplishments, failures or setbacks in life.

It is the act of making excuses for the undesirable circumstances and situations we find ourselves in, or when things are not going our way. Simply put, it is the refusal to recognize and admit to our mistakes and errors and accept responsibility for our actions.

In many instances it is even more a case of not accepting responsibility for the consequences of our inaction.

The blame game and the habit of making excuses is not a modern day phenomenon.

It is not exaggerating to say, that it has been around since the dawn of creation. From the teachings of Christianity in the Bible, (book of Genesis), we are told the story of the first born man and woman, Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve were given specific instructions by the Lord, in the Garden of Eden, which they were forewarned not to disobey.

As the story unfolded in the Bible, Eve was the first to disobey the commandment not to eat of the forbidden fruit.

As soon as she disobeyed, she decided to entice her companion Adam to do the same. Adam made a choice of his own volition and also disobeyed the commandment of the Lord!

However, when it was discovered that that he had disobeyed the commandment, Adam began making excuses for his disobedience.

‘It was the Woman YOU gave me Lord’!

In this statement it is clearly seen that Adam was blaming not only Eve, but in one sense even trying to blame the Creator for an action which he took of his own volition.

Unfortunately we see this occurring on a daily basis in the homes, schools, at the workplaces, clubs, on the streets and just about anywhere, and in so many situations; our blaming others for the mistakes and errors we make.

When things go wrong, something or someone should be blamed! We are never at fault!

It is for these reasons we observe the common occurrences of children blaming their parents, spouses blaming each other (a common cause of marital tension leading to separations and divorces), parents blaming their children, pupils and students blaming their teachers and lectures, for any lack of understanding of a subject, or for failures in exams.

There are those blame games which are constantly played out in the public domains. These are situations, for example, where politicians are always blaming each other for social maladies like high levels of crime and unemployment in a country, or for a downturn in the economy. And of course, there are those who openly blame society and everyone else for their mishaps, mistakes and misfortunes or lack of accomplishments.

Life is full of challenges and sometimes troubles and turbulences.

We take actions and make mistakes and learn from them. Failure is a key part of the learning process. We learn what will work and what will not, and how best to do things next time.

As we live and learn from our experiences we realize that we are always faced with many different situations, circumstances and conditions in life.

Choice, course and consequences are part of the natural order of life.

For every action we take there are consequences which can result in, or help to influence, our failure or success.

Life can give us everything but guarantees us nothing.

It is the choices we make and the actions we take that to a greater extent determine our failure or success in life!

It makes good sense for us to make the decision and take action to continuously educate, enlighten and empower ourselves. This will greatly increase our chances of success in life, and let us experience that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Without a sense of satisfaction then the tendency or natural inclination is for many persons to give in to frustration and then search for reasons to play the blame game or make excuses for our lack of accomplishments.

At the Wealthy Affiliate University, (a credible and reputable internet marketing club), one of the first principles that are constantly being outlined by its founders Kyle and Carson) are for persons to simply take action.

This solid principle of taking action, along with the wide range of training materials (with techniques, tips and tricks), have ensured the success on line of thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members.

It cannot be over-emphasized that while action may not always lead to success, the lack of action or inaction can never accomplish anything!

Lack of action is certainly a prime recipe for failure.

Without our taking action, nothing gets done. We first have to do, before it gets done.

Human beings are blessed with an unlimited creative potential.

There is the higher level of nervous activity that we refer to as our intellect. Use of the intellect gives us insight and ideas but without their implementation, then they will remain just that, ideas. With implementation, ideas will bear fruit and we can then transform thoughts to treasure.

Everything that is ever accomplished or created today was once just a mere thought, until action was taken to transform a dream or idea into reality.

A GOAL is a Given Objective to Achieve in Life. We cannot achieve a goal unless one is set.

No one can ever act above his or her level of awareness.

At the same time, however, whatever the level of awareness and ability, ambition and aspiration, there will be no achievement or accomplishment without action.

So let us stop playing the blame game! Let us not make excuses but make things happen.

This we can do by simply taking action.

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