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People all around the world always what more than they already have. Some of us call it ambitions and some say that it is stupidity. But which one do you think it is? We always want more money, friends, sex, cars or freedom. There is always something missing in our lives and we feel that we do not live it to the fullest. Why are we never satisfied with what we have? Why are we torturing ourselves with trying to get more and more, cant we just settle down?

If we look at it from the optimistic side, we call it ambitions. People want to become smarter, have a better car of a better standard of living. We want to always make our lives easier and happier. But this is really optimistic because mostly people want more and no matter what they have at the moment. They feel unhappy with it, as there is something better and something that they desire more than what is already in their lives. But nobody remembers that always dreaming about something you wish to have might make you depressed.

Many of us have a lot in they lives, we have a job, friends, a car and a house, but then we think that our car is too old, our house is too small, friends became boring and there is no true love in our life. And so basically the person has a lot but because there is something better out there he or she does not realize and appreciate what he/she has at the moment. So do we know when to stop? Do we ever realize when it is time to stop trying to get something new and settle down?

Life doesn’t wait for us to stop, look around and realize that we are actually really lucky and happy. Someone ones said that life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. And even though all of us know that, we tend to forget it and waist our life trying to achieve something more. To some extend we have to aim for better life but there had to be moments in out lives when we stop and acknowledge what we have. Think of all the beautiful days, happy celebrations and understand that no matter what, we are alive and there is always something that will make you a successful person in the eyes of other and most important in your eyes. We should smile, look forward and go further

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