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Think Positive Or How To Overcome The Habit Of Negative Thinking And Believe In Happy Ending
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During our childhood we listened to many fairy tales, read a lot of books and saw movies with happy ending. That time we really believed in happy endings: the bad guy has always been defeated by the good guy and the evil has been beat by the good (and all lived of course happily ever after!).

Growing up, we learned that the life isn’t like this. Parents, relatives, friends told us that the life is a struggle and happy endings are only in fairy tales and Hollywood movies and rarely in real life. And we started to believe them.

We developed the negative thinking before experiencing to much the life. We took as granted this ‘truth’ and begun to doubt everything. Words like maybe, hopefully, I don’t know, if entered our usual vocabulary. Almost every idea referring to our future begins with one of them.

More than that, we build negative patterns of thought which affects our life in all aspects: money, health, relationships. Before undertaking anything, we think first at the bad possible outcome just because we don’t want to be disappointed if the result will not be as we wish to. The fulfillment of a wish is for us something to hope to be lucky to get and never something we can have anyway if we think and act in a certain way.

In the last ten-fifteen years people talk more and more about positive thinking. We are told that we have to think positive to live better. ‘How can I think that everything is ok if my life is miserable?’ ask many of us. It is really difficult to think that you have money when you look at the table where is laying a pile of unpaid invoices, it is difficult to think that you are happy when you are alone, return home and nobody is waiting for you or to think you are healthy and good looking when you are overweight and cannot even look into the mirror.

But positive thinking habit doesn’t mean to look to black and say that it is white.

It means to understand that the power of changing things you don’t like in your life is only yours. You can have as much money as you like, you can meet the partner to be happy with, and you can be healthy and good looking if you change your way of thinking. Make a wish, visualize it, focus on it and you will manifest it. Very simple.

At the first sight it is very simple indeed. But a pattern of thought is very hard to change. Like getting rid of any other bad habit, it takes time and persistence and a strong will.

What we might do?

I personally used the step by step way. Small progress every day. You don’t have to overdo at the beginning. Whenever doubt and bad expectations crossed my mind, I stopped, noticed the bad thought and replaced it with the opposite. For instance, when I thought that I don’t have money to pay a certain bill and I felt that there is no way to get this money, I immediately replaced this thought by telling myself that something unexpected might happen anytime and the money might appear (in life happen many unexpected things, so why should I think there is no solution to my problem?).

It is very important to focus on this process permanently. You could use reminders on your computer or mobile, written reminders on your working desk, notes, and posters. At the beginning you will have difficulties in remembering to do it, but after a while it will become easier and you will start to see the results. Take it as a game, not as a task and you will really have fun. You will feel released when thinking on your future and you will become less stressed and worried. Be patient and tenacious and the reward will be amazing.

At the moment our negative thinking pattern will be replaced with a positive one, we will be ready to think about our life dream. Now we know that we can have it, doesn’t matter how big it might be.

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