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Today's Recipe, A Bit Philosophical: Lets Not Forget To Show Appreciation
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Today\'s Recipe, A Bit Philosophical: Lets Not Forget to Show Appreciation

Hi everyone!

During the past few years, I had the opportunity to observe companions, followers, associates, friends and acquaintances in many occasions; watching them to see if they knew what actually appreciation means, more in a sense of valuing, enjoying, respecting, admiring etc..

Some, independently of their age, know how to show their appreciation, others do it a little, for others this word is completely eradicated from their vocabulary.

Nowadays, it is essential to know to appreciate what we have, for example:

While getting up in the morning, I hear the birds- in the trees of the nearby park- it puts me straight in my best mood. Whilst having my breakfast, I try avoiding listening to the news, that could jeopardize my good mood. So it feels great to start the day.

Then I take the train, I see and greet some acquaintances, who travel the same route every day; some greet with a big smile, others with a rainy day face. I feel privileged to meet people able to get off on a good start. I appreciate this privilege.

Upon arrival, at the station everyone is in a hurry to arrive at work on time.

For my account I know that when I arrive at work one or two colleague (s) will come to take a cup of coffee with me; we will chat about the previous evening, the work to be done perhaps about customers we shall meet during the day. We support each other mutually.

Other colleagues arrive and tell me about their evening, often amusing. I appreciate their confidence and they know it.

The other day, a toddler offered me his toy, whilst I was walking near a playground. What a beautiful gesture, I appreciated it, so he was happy too.

A little grandmother, around her eighties or more, was afraid to cross the road, because it was the rush hour, she couldn't handle the traffic. She appreciated the assistance of a pedestrian who offered his arm to her, not only she knew to appreciate it, also she cherished to have a chevalier at her age. So sweet…

Somebody leaves you the priority to enter the lift, so one appreciates it. To receive a gift and to appreciate it, with its right value is sometimes more difficult, yet….

To walk in the forests on an evening summer with the dog, appreciating nature is almost a luxury nowadays. And yet so beneficial!

But, if we adults are not able or haven't learned to appreciate, the next generation will never learn it.

Thus let us try to make an effort for them, showing the lead.

If one can appreciate, it not only gives us the possibility to make new friends but in the end we have the pleasure to make them joyful, cheery. What a lovely task.

What are we waiting for?

Wishing you all a good day! Elia

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