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Transcend Negativity
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How to transcend negativity? What length would you go to be successful in life or in any adventure, business idea you decide to take on? Well transcending negativity will help you to reach your goal.

Now you might say I dont know what I'm talking about or you will say. What is she talking about? There are a lot of successful people in the world, some of them went through a lot meaning they had to transcend negativity to get where there at. For example:

There is a man that failed the sixth grade and was defeated in every single election for public office, until he became prime minister at the young age of 62. Who was that you asked? Winston Churchill.

Another example:

He didn't speak until he was four years old and he couldn't read until he was seven. His parents thought he was a subnormal child. He was espelled from school and his teachers described him as mentally slow, unsocialable, and a drift forever in foolish dreams. Who might that be you ask? Albert Einstein E=MC2

I have two more impressive examples for you. I want you to really grasp the idea or the fact. These brilliant people never gave up. Despite the awful things people said to them or about them. The point is it doesnt matter what people think of you. What matters is what do you think of yourself. If a mirror could talk, what would it say? Let that sink into your head, and think intensely about that.

Another example:

A professor suggested he drop out of the english department and college all together. At his first job he was paid in casings of shaving cream soda and nail clippers. His book was rejected by 27 publishers before a printing agency accepted it. Who was this Great Man you ask? Dr. Seuss

During a rough and abusive childhood she faced numerous setbacks, including being fired from her first job because she was unfit for T.V. She is the richest and most sucessful women in the world. Who is this Great Lady you ask? None other than Oprah Winfrey

If this great people allowed the negative thoughts of others to become there obstacles or road blocks, they would have never succeeded the way that they have. They have touched the lives of many people. They embodied positivity and transcend negativity.

Thank you for reading. I will coach you, teach you, impart wisdom to you. If you are ready to transcend negativity. Befriend me on facebook. Temach Yisrael

If you never fail, you will never succeed.

Sincerely Temach

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