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What I Think About Late At Night
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Some people have the bad habit of worrying late at night. Students worry about many things, such as upcoming papers that they will write, tests that they will take, or an upcoming speech that they will give in speech class. Adults worry about their jobs and their bills. In both cases, the worrying usually results in a rough night. They might lie awake, staring at the ceiling, or they might toss and turn. After a night like this, the next day might be difficult for them. They might have trouble getting started on their work, or they might work slowly as a result of being tired. Like these individuals, I, too, have worries. Late at night, however, I push my worries out of my mind. I know that if I go to bed thinking about my worries, I will not sleep well. In order to have a good night's sleep, I think pleasant thoughts late at night.

One thing I think about is the song I am currently listening to as I clean up the kitchen. I like many recent Top 40 hits, such as "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink and "Daylight" by Maroon 5. I also like music from the 1980s. A song like "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves or "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel makes me smile rather than frown. Music is not all that I think about late at night, of course.

I also think about good things that happened that day. I may have published an article, for example, which allowed me to earn some money. I may have also enjoyed a great run, which got me closer to meeting my weight loss goal and helped me to clear my head so that I could write more. Finally, I may have gotten some good news. One recent Sunday, for example, I got a call from my sister Michelle, who called to tell me that my sister Aileen was in labor. My nephew George was about to be born! I was so excited. That was some news that I had been waiting to hear.

Finally, I usually watch sitcoms before I go to bed. A show like "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "The King of Queens" helps me to avoid thinking about scary or worrisome things that will keep me awake. I can then go to bed, drift off to sleep, sleep well, and prepare for another great day of doing what I love.

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