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When Street Articles Rejected My First Article, I Thanked Them
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When Street Articles Rejected My First Article, I Thanked Them

Perhaps I should have ask myself this question before joining Street Articles. "Why am I here?" I join Street Articles so I could write freely and meet new people. I'm not here trying to become an author, just to write. I write about my life, my experiences and my first love...the "G" word. But the first article I submitted came back... REJECTED! They told me they no longer accept content related to religion and they are sorry for the inconvenience. No problem at all Street Articles because I understand if I'm to experience growth in my life, I will need willingness to accept rejection and learn to keep it moving.

Everything isn't meant for me to understand. My job is to enjoy what I do understand, and that's knowing I'm not here for me. Some may call it being optimistic or having a positive attitude. I simply call it, accepting reality. Even though I don't know the outcome, I must persevere. Someone is always watching.

I want my readers to know I'm not committed to just being here, but I'm also committed to learning, teaching and growing. I believe the more I know about myself, the better I will be able to help others. It's our truth that people can relate to. Street Articles rejected my first article, but that didn't cause me to reject my purpose. It never changed my attitude.

When you have the opportunity to practice something different it would be wise to seize the moment despite the opposition. One who jump right into the solution without thinking about it, understands character is imporant. It takes courage and power to start over. There is a reward to those who are obedient. A promise, I believe.

Never procrastinate in sharing your experience because sharing it can save someone life. Our life is about serving others. People hear opinions all the time, but they are longing to hear life experiences. Something people find very hard to discuss. It's our responsibility to share with others how we got through our circumstances so we can give them hope. It may seem small to write about my first article being rejected to some people, but to others, it is the difference between giving up or keeping it moving. The best way to share our story is to live it.

Our attitudes and actions tells us what we're made of on the inside. People and circumstances shouldn't change that. To grow in life you need experience. Thank you Street Articles for the experience.

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