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You Love Your Name, I Love My Name; Why Is It So?
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Did you mention my name? It seems like someone is calling my name? How would you feel when a long time friend calls you by your full name? How do you feel when you call a friend on phone and he had forgotten your name? How would you feel when a stranger calls you by your name?

I might feel he already knows me or probably he might have some relation with me in whichever way.

Is it a general feeling? I believe so.

There was a time I needed the administrator of my hall to sign a document to merit I was an affiliate of that hall.

This happened when I was compiling my documents for a Model United Nations Conference in Inchoen, South Korea.

It was a sunny midmorning and something prompted me to send the proof of enrolment to the hall administrator since the deadline was fast approaching.

I walked majestically to the general office to enquire if the Administrator was around. When I entered, there were two women and a gentleman, the women were sitting behind their desks and the man was relaxing slouchy in a sofa which was positioned right beside the door when you enter.

The man told me the administrator was quite busy and that I will have to wait outside for a while.

The tone and manner the man responded to me, I didn’t like it at all. I then moved outside and waited for my turn.

In some minutes he came and called me that the woman (administrator) was now free so I could see to her.

Before I left, I noticed his name since he had an identification card (ID) around his neck.

I had a nice conversation with the woman and after I left her office, I called Mr. Quashi (The man who came to call me) to say thank you.

As I mentioned his name, his face looked curious and he stood up like something was wrong. He approached me and I said, “thank you”.

He immediately asked me how I got to know his name, forgotten he had his ID around his neck.

I then said to him that, the administrator had admired his work in the office and that was how I got to know his name. lol…

He said, “hmmmm.”

I could then tell from his face he was a bit relaxed.

What then is in our name that when it’s mentioned, we become so alert to listen to what follows. When you find yourself in a cacophonous area and you feel like your name is mentioned, the way you will be turning your neck left and right.

I believe, our names are the sweetest word in every language.

Why then would people’s names be engraved on buildings to acknowledge their contributions of huge sums of money? Why would offices have the name of the person behind a desk be placed on it? Why would people like to use their names as their business names? Why would business people have their name tags always on?

There is power in our names so don’t forget to make use of the name tag, the name board on the desk and do well not to make a mistake when spelling or mentioning someone’s name.

Also do well not to forget others names and make them feel proud by calling them by their names. If you didn’t get the name right when chatting with a new friend, let him mention it again and try to memorize it for future use.

I believe you will make use of every name that comes your way and you will thrilled by the results.

Thank you again for such a time with me and I am most appreciated.

Have a good one and keep the positive mental attitude in all you do.

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