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Your Attitude, Thoughts, And Feelings Can Make A Difference!
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Your Attitude, Thoughts, And Feelings Can Make A Difference!

Hello, my name is Robert.

I am a positive and optimistic person. I like to have fun, joke, and laugh as well as make others smile and laugh.

I believe in trying to make each and every day the best we can make it and a big part of that is to have a positive attitude.

To me, a person's attitude and thoughts have a major impact on him/her personally, socially, growth, success, feelings, health, and life.

Being positive can also help build and improve friendships. We are more able to show genuine interest and care to others around us by being positive than being negative which we find ourselves more distracted, depressed, and more things weigh down on us.

By being positive, we are also able to listen more clearly.

Well, I believe that the very first place it all starts is with YOU. You are the one who can make a difference in others' lives and to the environment around you, but you have to start with yourself first. Work inwardly within yourself. How you are inside will then reflect the outside of your TRUE self.

It may not hurt to give yourself a self evaluation of how you are. Ask yourself: How do I feel inwardly? How is my character? My strengths? My weaknesses? How can I improve in my thoughts, feelings, and how I'm living? What do I lack? Can I accept whatever happens in my life whether it's possitive or negative? These are just some possible question ideas.

Before we can actually become interested, care, or love anyone, we have to start with ourselves. Why? Because if we are not well with ourselves, how can we appreciate, love, or even care or like another? Some of this may probably be common logic, but still it's a good reminder and food for thought for all of us.

Again, however our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes from within can make a big difference, one way or the other, in our lives, toward others around us, and in the environment around us.

If we are negative, our character and personality can greatly reflect. We become very grumpy and we can find ourselves to become very irritable and angry even at the smallest things or inconveniences. We may tend to snap at others more. We are not focused and can tend to think illogically. Negativity can also prevent us from listening to those around us and can also be led to many understandings. We come to wrong conclusions about certain situations or even with others actions by thinking that their intentions were wrong when they really weren't. We carry a heavy weight and burden upon ourselves and try to put that weight upon others, too. In fact, we want to bring others down with us. Who really wants that? Who wants to be around others that follow that pattern and constantly have that attitude as well as live that kind of life? In actuallity, we get trapped in our own world of misery if we let ourselves become too negative and not overcome it.

On the other hand, if we are positive, our character and personality have a completely DIFFERENT effect. Alot of bad situations, including the most complex situations, will have alot less burden and weight upon us than if we are negative. We can face more challenges in our lives with a more focused mind. We can become more attentive toward others. We also feel as if we want to share those same positive feelings and attitude toward others. There's that inner "sunshine" that stays with us if we let it. Also, when we are ill, we can overcome illnesses easier and quicker by how we carry ourselves by our being positive. Positive thoughts and attitude, faith, hope, and love all work together. Being positive can also help us to be success in all aspects in life.

These are my personal beliefs and feelings. It's also how I try to live by, though sometimes it can be a challenge.

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