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Do All Men Cheat On Their Wives - Why?
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Do All Men Cheat on their Wives - why?

Every now and then, I find an article in a newspaper, discussing about the latest discoveries on cheating. Most often the articles are based on a resent study made by university students majoring on psychology. Even though, those studies are not necessarily highly accurate, the topics are irresistible intriguing. For example, who would not want to know, why do men cheat and lie. It is a question that has been in the heads of many

women. Myself included. Not only women in relationship and marriage ponder this question. Those who are looking for love, can also benefit from knowing how to avoid potential cheater and preventing ending up together with one.Lets think about it, do all men cheat on their wives and if so, then why do they do It.All relationships are unique, and need mutual understanding of personal boundaries and values.

Cheating can mean different things for different people. While some draw the line on spending the night with another person, then some may get offended by their partner flirting with the waitress.

No-one certainly, wants to be discarded in such way, but most likely it is still going to happen at some point. If flirting and glancing at other women would be cheating, then majority of the mean would be cheaters. Even married men occasionally flirt and stare at beautiful women. However, women should not be concerned, since it is only natural to be interested in the opposite sex. Besides women like to flirt as much as men do.

People in relationships are also allowed to fantasize about other people, and it still does not mean they would actually go and cheat their spouse. But when it goes too far, the reasons for cheating can be more hurtful than the actual cheating.

I do not believe men have the need to cheat on their wives, unless there are some serious problems in the relationship, that can not be solved. In these cases cheating can be an indicator of an ending relationship. In marriage, both parties involved, usually understand the fact, that there will most likely be few downs in their relationship. Therefore the men, are not going to simply go and cheat on their wives, just because they are having a rough patch. Besides cheating is extremely hard, especially for married men. It is also very stressful, when you have to put so much energy on hiding evidence and lying. For someone, who works full time and has a full time relationship, there rarely is time and energy to cheat on their partner.

The only married men that I could see cheating on their wives, are suffering from chronic loneliness, taken for granted, and the lack of sex.

People get married, because they want to build together, meaningful, love filled lives. If the other person fails to meet the natural expectations of the marriage deal. The unsatisfied party, husband or wife, may try to find comfort by cheating. At the end of the day, men is as likely to cheat on his wife as much as the wife is likely to cheat her husband. And more certainly, not all men and women cheat.

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