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Want To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous On Facebook? Here's How
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Want to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous on Facebook? Here\'s How

Okay, so you're trying to deal with your ex boyfriend breaking up with you. But you don't want to be too harsh on him, just enough to leave a lingering bitter taste in his mouth. That way every time he turns around, he points over and tells his friends. “That's the one, the bittersweet one”.

Well, here's the perfect plan to get back your ex-boyfriend:

Hold out on the status page for a while; let it sit on blank for a while. Don't switch too soon to “In a relationship” or “Single”.

The trick is to leave him waiting and wondering. He doesn't know exactly what’s your next move, so you could keep him wondering and playing with the thought, “What if.”

Now, here’s another tactic that could really get him worked up: start uploading and posting pictures with your friends, just going out and having a good time. The trick is to hint that you're doing fine without him, that your happiness is entirely independent of his presence.

Bonus: Include photos of you and your friends having a good time at parties where the chances that you'll meet a good flirt are high. That's where you're setting the score.

Also, add any sexy photos of you where you are soaking up fun in the sun. Any place where it seems a great place to flaunt some skin. The trick is to make it seem like you're receiving attention from other guys. This could really get hit the jealousy marker, no guy likes other guys staring at their girlfriends EVEN after they have broken up.

To really, raise the jealousy hit marker, open the gates for conversation. Chat a bit with other guys, if by chance you land a spot with a guy completely opposite from your boyfriend. Then that's your perfect chance to show off your jealousy-hair raising skills.

Talk to the guy that your ex-boyfriend would completely make fun of and mock. In some cases it would even pay to send a guy a direct message and let him know what you're planning to do, that way real emotions don't get involve on his side and you could play the stage-act safe.

Just so you can make the fashionably jealous impression on your ex. More than anything for making this trick appears to work is on making it seems like you're getting on well guys on his disliked people list or even enemies if you take a stab at it.

Give the appearance that you're going on well without him, but don't be too rude while talking to him. Try to stay in contact but show him that you are busy and about doing things that keep defining who you are, and ways that lead to sustain your happiness.

But more than showing jealousy to your boyfriend is showing that your happiness is in your own hands. Because that's why guys try to puff up their chests and keep a cold look in their eyes.

Just a quick re-run on all the ways: Use photos, photos don't lie about how you feel now that you are without him.

Prove to him that you're not losing in the dating-game, this goes the same as trying to stay in shape.

Feeling good and flaunting some of that skin for onlookers keeps boys interested, convoys’ interested, and spies - in this case, your ex boyfriend - getting antsy over jealousy issues.

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