How To Generate Passive Income From Paid To Click Websites?
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Paid To Click websites were one of the most popular ways to make money online for many internet savvy people even a couple of years back. But today things have changed and the consistently lowering reputation of these PTC websites has made things different. Now, most of these websites are marked as spam and everyone stays away from them. But some internet marketers are still after this and a few reputed websites in operation over the last couple of years have again made this business relive. Expert marketers are still making a decent passive income running these paid to click websites. Here, you will discover how to run a paid to click website and make your bread and butter from the site. The method can still work if you know how to make it work!

How to generate passive income by running a paid to click website: a guide for the entrepreneurs

Anyone can easily join PTC websites and make money visiting different advertisements. But to open and run a paid to click website today it isn’t easy at all. You must have a decent amount of contacts, or you have to build contacts to get advertisers on your websites. Once you have started running a decent amount of advertising campaigns, you can start promoting the website and get viewers or members for your website. That’s how it works; let’s explore more details:

#1 build contacts and send proposals

First, you have to develop contacts and ask the advertisers to make some investments. If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for a while, you should have already developed a decent amount of contacts and reputation to ask people and get investments. If you’re new into this, it’d be good if you take some time to explore different platforms, make new contacts and prepare yourself before you move into this business. Do some research and create some proposals that none would be able to refuse. Once done, it’s time to focus on developing your platform!

#2 run some test campaigns before going live

Now, it’s time to prepare some test campaigns and see if things are working perfectly. You should create some demo advertising accounts before charging your clients. You should also giveaway premium membership at this point to get some reliable, loyal testers. You should run a number of tests and develop the platform. Working in the back-end is technical and you should get expert help from developers. Don’t worry about marketing or other stuffs at this point!

#3 promote and encourage users to become members

Finally, it’s time to promote your website and grow the member’s area. Get some special deals for the new members, create some rewarding campaigns to give your platform a great start. You can’t think about making a lot of profit right away, but soon you will be able to encourage a lot of people to join in. You should also focus on building brand and reputation online. It will help you get referred investors and more members dramatically!

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Interesting article Tarence ! defiantly a great way to earn some extra cash..especial for those websites with tones of traffic ! Thanks for sharing !

  about 8 years ago
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