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Pay-per-click Marketing Guide - Dramatically Increase Your Ctr
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Are you having a tough time achieving a good click-through rate (CTR)? This pay-per-click marketing guide will address some common misconceptions of the first point of interaction between you and your potential customers, the ad itself.

After your potential customer searches a keyword that you are advertising, he or she will be met by your ad, hopefully in the top three positions. If your ads are not running in the top three positions, the following information will help increase you click-through ratio and in turn, increase your ad position. Chances are, your ad will be in competition will several other ads promoting the same keyword(s). So, you basically have this one shot to grab your searcher's attention via your ad. Several techniques within this pay-per-click marketing guide can be used to make your ad more appealing to the searcher as well as drastically improve your click-through rate which in turn leads to higher conversions.

Create A Buzz

A pay-per-click marketing guide technique that drastically increases your click through rate is a technique called "creating a buzz". Within your ad, you instantly grab your reader's attention with a stunning fact or statement. This makes your ad stand out from most others and will receive a good deal of traffic. Please be aware that with the increased traffic it is imperative that your landing page does a good job of explaining what your website is about as your ad will most likely not cover this.

Here is an example ad using "Creating a Buzz":

Don't Bother Trying To Lose Weight!

Quit trying to shed those pounds. You'll just fail!

Learn from the pros.

Call To Action Phrases

Something as simple as asking someone to "sign up" or "click here" is often overlooked. If you do not ask the searcher to perform the action that you want them to perform, chances are they probably won't take that action. Make sure you are clear with what you are wanting your customer to do.

Some example call to action phrases are:

  • Learn Here
  • Purchase
  • Buy
  • Sign up
  • Click Here
  • Join Now
  • Instant Access

Don't let non-buyers click on your ad

One of the most important factors of building a profitable PPC campaign is your return on investment or R.O.I. Basically the less you spend on advertising costs and the more sales you make, the higher your R.O.I. One of the key factors to look at when creating your ads is trying to eliminate the non-buyers.

By displaying the price in your ad you can eliminate the people who are only looking for information but are not willing to pay for it. There are a ton of keywords that may receive a lot of traffic but do not convert into many sales. Adding the price will discriminate the non-buyers and prevent you from paying for that click.

There's a few complete pay-per-click marketing guides which cover all aspects of ppc marketing including finding profitable keywords, creating quality landing pages, tracking codes, analyzing data, improving cost per click and raising your click through rate. Utilize the techniques further outlined in any of these pay-per-click marketing guides and begin to build an army of profiatble pay-per-click campaigns.

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