15 Most Wonderful Facts About Women's Pregnancy
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15 Most Wonderful Facts About Women\'s Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you’re experiencing one of life’s most important miracles. It’s an incredible feeling, but not without a few discomforts including weight gain, swollen ankles and having to go to the restroom every few minutes. On the other hand, there are some wonderful things you’ll experience that you might not have been expecting. Here are just a few:

Fact #1 – Your Expanding Uterus

Believe it or not, your uterus is going to expand up to 500 times its normal size. A woman’s body can go through some incredible changes, and one of the most drastic is that your uterus enlarges up to 500 times normal. Once the baby is delivered, however, it will gradually shrink back to its original weight and size.

Fact #2 ­ Your Heart Grows

Becoming a mother actually makes your heart grow, not just figuratively but literally as well. The volume of your blood will increase by up to 50% while your heart beats stronger and faster, growing bigger to help keep up with supporting your new baby. Your blood volume will also increase up to 50%.

Fact #3 – Your Joints will Soften

As your body prepares for giving birth to your new baby, it produces a special hormone by the name of relaxin. Relaxin actually softens your ligaments, allowing your baby to pass through your pelvis more easily when you go into labor.

Fact #4 ­ Your Hair will Feel Fuller

When you’re pregnant, your hair will get fuller and become more abundant. The reason is that your levels of estrogen prevent your hair from shedding at its normal rate, resulting in a fuller body of hair while you’re pregnant. After your baby is born, your estrogen levels will go down, and your hair will fall out at a much faster rate, balancing everything out to normal again.

Fact #5 ­ Your Feet will Grow Bigger

Believe it or not, that same relaxin hormone we mentioned earlier also loosens the ligaments in your feet, so with your increased body weight, your feet will get wider and longer. Following the baby’s birth, they will shrink back to normal again.

Fact #6 ­ Your Sense Of Smell Will Get Stronger

Because of the higher levels of estrogen and the human chorionic gonadotropin, during your pregnancy your sense of smell will become much more sensitive. Unfortunately, after the pregnancy is over, your nose will go back to normal and your super human smelling abilities will disappear.

Fact #7 – Being Taller May Mean Twins

Being taller can have an effect on whether you have twins or not. Women over 5 feet 5 inches tall appear to be more likely of conceiving fraternal twins because they have higher levels of a specific protein that the liver releases that’s linked to increased ovulation.

Fact #8 – You can be Pregnant for Over a Year

Most pregnancies only last about nine months, but there can be exceptions. One pregnancy in 1945 set the record for the longest period ever – 12 and 1/2 months! Mrs. Beulah Hunter, 25, gave birth to her baby, Penny Diana in California. Mrs. Hunter’s pregnancy apparently went along normally for three months, and then the baby stopped growing. Three months later, she felt her baby for the first time and Penny Diana was born naturally some three months later.

Fact #9 – The Reasons for Strange Cravings are Unknown

Those classic pregnancy cravings like needing pickles with ice cream have never been properly explained. Nobody really understands why mothers get these strange cravings. Up to 30% of women have been reported to crave non­food items during their pregnancy, including chalk, soap, paper and even rocks.

Fact #10 – Your Baby Gets Nutrients Before You

The nutrients in your food go to your baby first. Even if you decide to skip a meal, your body will automatically give the nutrients in your body to the baby to keep him or her healthy. It’s just another reason you should pay particular attention to eating properly while you’re pregnant.

Fact #11 ­ Babies Cry in the Womb

Your baby actually starts crying a good while before being born. As early as 28 weeks, babies will begin to cry silently while they are in the womb. Some scientists think this may be a form of practice communication for when they are born, instead of a reaction to pain or discomfort.

Fact #12 – Dad Will Have Symptoms Too

It’s been scientifically documented that some dads experience a few of the same symptoms as an expectant mother. It’s called couvade syndrome, and it’s been noted in numerous cases around the world when expectant fathers experience weight gain, nausea and swelling along with their pregnant partners.

Fact #13 ­ Pregnant Women with Heartburn Have Babies with More Hair

This used to be a wives tale, but it’s actually been proven true. Women who have higher levels of particular hormones will have heartburn and those same hormones also have a direct effect on the amount of hair a baby will have while growing in the womb.

Fact #14 – Bringing on Labor is Caused by Nipple Stimulation

Although there have been many strange methods that are supposed to bring on labor, only one has been scientifically proven to actually work. Nipple stimulation tricks your body into thinking you’re feeding your baby and the hormone oxytocin is released that stimulates contractions and labor begins.

Fact #15 – Your Baby May be Born with Teeth

In a series of scientific studies, it’s been observed that for every 2000 babies born, about one will have at least one tooth. Teeth at this early stage are known as natal teeth and may be removed to make sure the baby doesn’t choke on them as the teeth often can be loose and may come out.

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience, even though you may feel a number of discomforts. Knowing some of these strange and unusual facts may help you better understand why this is such a special time in your life, and the life of your new baby.

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