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Beat The Winter Bugs Without Drugs While You Are Pregnant
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Beat the Winter Bugs Without Drugs While You Are Pregnant

The winter wonderland can be a wonderful and an awful time. You can survive this time by staying clear of medications. Here are a few tips on how to beat the winder bugs.

Normally the flu is not fun, and when you are pregnant this is the worst thing that can happen. This is not really a good time to be taking flu medication, especially antibiotics. There are a lot of ingredients in medications that will cross to your baby via the placenta. A lot of these is toxic to your baby or teratogenic and will cause structural abnormalities. This is the main reason why doctors are wary of dishing out drugs when you are pregnant.

The best way to keep all the winter bugs out is not cure, but prevention. Prevention is always better than cure. You will have to do everything you can to ensure that your immune system is performing at its peak. I have a few tips and tricks for you to use to do just that, keep all the bugs at bay.

First of all watch your stress levels. You can take the very first step to boost your immune system by minimize your stress levels. Stress and anxiety compromises your immune system, releasing cortisol and lactate, which lowers your body’s immune responses and makes you ill. There are natural ways you can do and use to relieve your stress levels like with meditation, focused breathing, visualization, yoga and T’AI CHI.

I will shortly go into each of these. Meditation is the easiest way to relax. Focused breathing is very much the same as meditation. You close your eyes, clear your mind, choose a spot that is peaceful and where you cannot be interrupted. By regulating your breathing and being aware of it you create a feeling of inner peace. Visualization relaxes your mind and body, and you let healing energy enter your body. Yoga is a meditation practice over five thousand years old. Then T’AI CHI influences emotional changes through your body experience. This enhances complete body relaxation.

Survive the winter wonderland first of all by reducing your stress during pregnancy.

Then you do some exercises. You can do some walking or some moderate exercise. This helps you build a strong immune system. The benefits to exercise are many. Consistent physical activity helps rid your lungs of certain kinds of airborne bacteria and viruses; it also protects you against certain types of cancer causing cells. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, and increases your output of urine and sweat.

When your metabolism is faster, it increases your blood flow. This speeds up the circulation of antibodies and white blood cells which fights infections. The increase in your body temperature while doing physical activity inhibits bacterial growth, which equips your body to ward off infections too.

To also help you reduce your stress levels, exercise does reduce the secretion of stress hormones. But take it easy, too much of a good thing can be bad. Do not overdo it. While you are pregnant, excessive high intensity exercise may increase your risk of virus and bacterial infections because it may suppress your immune system for very short periods of time, giving these germs time to get in.

Get some great advice before you embark on an exercise program while pregnant.

Stay healthy during winter wonderland with all of nature’s choice. Avoid close contact with sick people, and always remember to wash your hands regularly. Drink lots of fluids, you assist your body in maintaining good health. Eat healthy, nutritious meals as good nutrition forms the base foundation to a strong healthy immune system. So dig into those healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are a few other remedies you can use when you have the flu during your pregnancy. These include essential oils, enchinacea, multivitamins, probiotics and vitamin C. You can use these safe ways to alleviate those nasty flu symptoms.

Let me give you a few handy tips on super immune boosting winter foods.

1. Blueberries are one of the best gifts you can possible give yourself. They are low in fat, high in vitamins, contains very high levels of antioxidants. These have higher levels of antioxidants that any other fruit or vegetable.

2. Flax seeds are another wonder food that improves your general health, improves your wellbeing, and boosts your immune system. The great news is that it helps with weight control, but also wards off heart disease, cancer and even lowers cholesterol.

3. Broccoli, the greens you have to eat. It contains a chemical, Sulforaphane, which switches on a set of antioxidants and enzymes in specific immune cells. These then combat free radicals that destroy cells which lead to disease.

4. Salmon contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. But eat this only twice a week. But the benefits to you are great.

5. Green tea has many advantages, it relaxes you, has been proven to prevent certain cancers as well as heart disease. It also lowers your chances of skin damage which leads to early signs of ageing.

There are many ways to alleviate flu while you are pregnant. All these techniques has proven to work wonders.

Every single day holds the possibility of a miracle.

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