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Caesarean Sections – What Can You Expect?
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Caesarean Sections – What Can You Expect?

I will go into great detail about all the ins, the outs, the pros and the cons where caesarean sections are concerned. This is a major surgical procedure. Another name for a C-section is a normal birth bypass, although they can be lifesaving in case there are complications during birth or pregnancy.

A caesarean section is a cut through your abdomen, just above your pubic bone. They cut into three layers of your stretched womb muscle. The cut is made between the body of the womb and the cervix which is the mouth of the womb. Your baby is then delivered through there. Many people, including myself believe that C-sections are mainly profit driven, it is still fair to say that the changing lifestyles of modern women today also has an impact on how they give birth.

I am personally passionate about natural birth, but it is everyone’s personal choice. Complications during childbirth are very real, and everyone wants a healthy strong mother and baby. Some of the reasons why caesarean sections are used are for high risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancies and when medical interventions during labor and the birth process are needed. Here is a list of possible medical reasons why a c-section would rather be considered:

  • Previous C-sections -
  • Death of baby during previous birth process -
  • HIV or possible infections from mother to baby -
  • High blood pressure -
  • Diabetes -
  • Maternal complications -
  • Premature or very small babies, the fail to thrive -
  • Poor and weak contractions or a non-dilating cervix -
  • Family history like a mother that hemorrhaged after giving birth

There are women who rather choose to have a C-section than natural birth. They have some believes in this regard.

  • They believe it is less painful, or is afraid of natural birth. -
  • The delivery date can be pre-planned around their plans. -
  • There is an additional option to have surgery, like a tummy-tuck or sterilization. -
  • There might be some bad experience with previous virginal births. -
  • There is the believe that it will decrease the risks of obstetrical problems later in life.

What can you expect when you are opting for a C-section? As all our pregnancy and birth experiences differ, there are different things you can expect with a caesarean section as well. Whatever your reason may be, it is best you are prepared.

There are many ways you can prepare for this experience. But in case you are planning on giving birth naturally, you should still be prepared for the possibility that it might turn out that you have to get a caesarean section. Make sure you are properly prepared for whatever may happen.

Every single day holds the promise of a miracle.

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