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Children are the greatest gift in the world.  They are so precious, and they always keep you on your toes.  Even if you have to be up every night for the first year, or have to struggle to get them out of bed in the morning they still are the greatest gifts.  It is very hard when you realize that you may be the one to cause them pain. Unfortunately so couples are not compatible together.  They may have DNA that can cause problems if you have one specific gender child.  There are also some people that carry chromosomes that can cause children to have a certain disorder or disease.  If you knew this before you go pregnant would you try to get pregnant with the opposite sex?  I think that most parents that knew they were carriers for a certain disorder they would try to prevent it.  This is called medical gender selection. 

There are also facts that some conditions are more expressed in one gender over the other.  This would be another great example of trying gender selection.  An example would be autism.  Autism tends to me found more in boys than girls.  This does not mean that all boys have autism, and no girls get autism.  It just means that studies have found that autism is found more in boys than girls.

Some couples have had a boy or boys, and would really like a girl.   Other couples want to make sure that they have one of each.  Still other couples just want one child of a specific gender. This is called elective gender selection.  The couple is going into hoping to get one gender or another for a reason that is not medical.

There are some very natural techniques that couples can try to get the gender child that they want.  These methods are not 100% accurate, but the data shows that they have very good results.  If you are a family that cannot spend thousands of dollars on different treatments or specialist this could be the answer you are looking for.  It is very expensive to have children, and can be very expensive before the child is even conceived.

It can be a very touchy subject, but what is wrong with trying for a certain gender. Even if you do not happen to have the gender that you want doesn't mean that you will love the child any less. 

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