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Get Pregnant - The Holistic Way!
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Since the beginning of mankind reproduction has been considered to be important, and I am not talking about wanton sex here but rather the propagation of our species. Just think about it for a moment, babies have an amazing effect on even the most hard-core men & women, a baby causes a staunch person go to all “gagga”! We are simply made that way, it is instinct so deep that we cannot help ourselves. Any living creature on Earth has the same instincts, but for us humans it is a conscious and emotional state too. We love having babies, raising families, it kind-of makes us whole and gives us a feeling or sense of completeness. When we want a baby but remain without we are torn apart, there is vacuum in our hearts that cries out to be filled and that is why you are reading this right now…because you know exactly what I am talking about. Now read on…

When you reach that point in your life where you want to begin a family in its complete sense, you basically want results straight away. You have been through life up to this point knowing that children are a wonderful part of our lives, and “It Is Time”

And then…nothing!

No baby on the way. So off you go after a while in search of a way to get pregnant fast…you don’t want to wait. The period between beginning the process of trying to get pregnant and finally going out to seek help to that end varies from couple to couple, it could be months or a year, or a few years. Whatever the case may be with you, the time is now and you want results…now! The longer it takes-the more trying the effort becomes, the less sex is for enjoyment and the wonder of babies, it becomes more of a trial and labour of desperation with a deeply hidden but growing fear of childlessness. Is any of this familiar to you?

There has been so much medical research into the reproductive life of humans, and so many so-called medical break-throughs. Sometimes they work and sometimes not. They can often be very invasive and traumatic and leave you feeling more disillusioned at the entire process than when you first began. Sadly, what normally happens with medical science is that the “whole” person is not included. Mind and body are responsible for the reproductive health of man and woman and the diagnosis of infertility hangs in the air like a death sentence!

OTC’s and prescription drugs, in vitro fertilization, scans, probes etc etc. these are all wonders of medicine but are no guarantee and can in fact leave you worse off and less likely to conceive than when you started out. It is time to begin a new path, develop a fresh and interesting perspective to your health and your desire to have a lovely baby. And that new perspective is called “Holistic Reproductive Health”. So, what exactly what is it?

“Holistic” tells us that the mind and body are taken into consideration. I am sure that when you have discussed getting pregnant with friends and family one thing that is agreed is that there are so many things in a woman especially that can prevent pregnancy… Age: Are you beyond your best? Tubal Obstruction: Is your body blocking you? Abnormally High Levels of FSH PCOS or Endometriosis Uterine Fibroids or Scarred Uterus Ovarian cysts or Lazy Ovaries Previous miscarriages Low Sperm Count Stress

There are more, when it comes to falling pregnant a woman’s body can play all kinds of tricks. Some women get pregnant easily, seemingly without effort they churn out baby after baby…but you get stuck with the short end of the very long stick. Take heart, there is help at hand and there is a means to realise your dream of getting pregnant quickly and easily. You can dare to get excited, many women have had beautiful healthy babies after years of struggle and trial and you can too

Choosing a holistic approach precludes invasive medical practise, has no side-effects, overcomes infertility in men and women, works on your mental/emotional and your biological reproductive health together. This is a synergistic approach and it really does work, and it works well

Who am I? I am a married Dad with 3 teens and a two-year-old (and maybe another on the way). The teens are from my wife’s’ 1st marriage. We had to work two years on getting our little boy, but he is here and we love him to bits! Between being a husband and father I am constantly faced with issues of relationships and babies, both are very special and often challenging. But a little effort always pays off. The rewards are great!

Kindest Regards, Ivan Kukard, Cape Town, South Africa

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