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Getting Pregnant After 35 - It's Easier Than You Think
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Getting Pregnant After 35 - It\'s Easier Than You Think

Are you having trouble getting pregnant after 35 and feel you're running out of time?

Many women approaching 40 who have not been able to get pregnant start looking for alternative methods. This is great! And I'm here to tell you that getting pregnant after 35 and increasing your fertility is probably easier than you think!

There are women getting pregnant naturally at 46 and 47 years old.

If you focus on natural fertility treatments and implement healthy "green" living, this puts the focus on achieving perfect hormonal. Your hormonal balance is the key to boosting your fertility and getting pregnant!

Studies prove that women conceiving naturally in their 40's have a higher FSH (measures ovarian reserve - follicle stimulating hormone) levels than women in their 20's who have been taking IVF treatments.

Side effects of IVF can include cramping, headaches, hot flashes, mood swings, injections that leave you with bruising (if this is the case you may want to go back for retraining), abdominal pain, bloating and even blurry vision. IVF does not benefit your overall health or natural hormonal balance.

There are many cases of women who started IVF in their early 20's and by their late 20's their fertility is nonexistant. Starting IVF or fertility treatments at a younger age can also cause premature ovarian aging and bring on menopause. Who wants to be going through their change of life at the age of 33?

On the other hand, natural fertility treatments nurture your entire being, regulate your hormonal balance and enhance your overall health - including your fertility. The side effects for going green are allergies disappear, adult acne diminishes, weight stabilizes, you stay looking and feeling younger longer. I don't know about you, these are some side effects I can live with!

Debora L. Spar Author of "The Baby Business: How Money, Science, and Politics Drive the Commerce of Conception" [Hardcover] states - "your chances of getting pregnant by IVF and getting pregnant naturally are about the same".


This is not surprising at all when you look back at all the evidence and success stories of women getting pregnant after 35 using alternative natural methods. Turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Accupuncture and Herbal Therapies to increases fertility is the safest way to go. In my opinion, our modern medical infertility treatments should be labelled the "alternative method" as they are in their infantile stages being used since the 1970's. Compare this to Traditional Chinese Medicine for infertility which has been used successfully for thousands of years.

I'm not trying to be controversial and say IVF is not beneficial for some women. If you feel comfortable taking this route it may be the right choice for you. But for many couples, IVF is uncomfortable, risky, costly and an emotional roller coaster ride which is best to be avoided. And the sad truth is, artificial fertility is not great for your overall health.

So where should you start when you want to boost your fertility naturally?

Eating organic fertility foods such as leafy green vegetables, nuts, legumes and cold water fish will increase your Folic acids, iron and antioxidants.

Supplements getting plenty of Vitamin C, B and E is beneficial for your reproductive organs.

Increasing water intake and staying super hydrated helps keep your reproductive organs working optimally and will help the sperm reach the cervix area. Most of us do not consume enough water to keep sufficiently hydrated. This in itself makes a big difference in your overall health and conceiving abilities!

Eliminating toxins and pesticides from your surroundings can be as easy as discontinuing using harsh chemical products within your garden or home. Eliminate weed killers or grass fertilizers or harsh home cleaning products. Try substituting vinegar and water to clean surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom - it's natural, works well and is a lot more cost effective.

Moderate exercise and fresh air is important to keep your circulation healthy within your reproductive organs. This increases blood flow and provides more oxygen to your organs.

Including herbal therapy such as the popular Dong Quai helps regulate menstrual cycles and will increase circulation. There are combinations of herbs for fertility which can be as easy as drinking a cup of delicious tea throughout your day.

Getting pregnant after 35 doesn't have to be a stressful event.

Natural infertility treatments have long worked in helping couples get pregnant and have the baby of their dreams. If you choose to go green and naturally improve your hormonal balance, you will likely see huge differences in a very short period of time.

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