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How You Can Choose Your Babies Gender
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Babies are all a blessing to any family.  Some families would like to be able to select the gender of their children before they are born.  Some families would like to start out with a little girl while others would like to start out with a little boy.  Other families have all girls and would like a boy or vice versa.  There are also families that want one of each gender.  Whatever your situation is there are natural techniques that you can try to increase the odds of having a girl or boy.

One of the first things that you need to understand if you are trying for a specific gender is how the male’s sperm works.  If you would like to have a little girl the X sperm needs to reach the women’s egg to fertilize it.  When couples are trying to have a male child the Y sperm needs to reach the women’s egg to fertilize it.  The Y sperm and the X sperm move at different speeds.  They also thrive in different environments.  The chromosomes are also very different in the Y and X sperm.   The X chromosomes are large and move slowly.  They also tend to live longer.  The Y chromosomes are smaller and move very quickly, however they don’t live as long as the X sperm.

The mother’s diet can also affect how the sperm react.  The Y sperm likes an environment that is more alkalai.  This means that the mother should eat foods such as red meat, bananas, peaches, and sausage.  The X sperm needs an environment that is more acidic.  Some foods that would be good for the mother are broccoli, grapefruit, apples, dairy products, and leafy green vegetables.    Having a good diet is important for anyone trying to conceive.

Finding out when you ovulate is important because if you are trying for a boy the sperm needs to reach the egg quickly.   You need to make sure you know when you are ovulating, and then have intercourse that same day.  If you are trying to have a girl you have a little larger of a window to deal with.  The X sperm lives longer so it does not have to reach the egg as quickly.  You also need to remember that the egg has only 24 hours of viability, so knowing your cycle and when you ovulate is very important.

I hope that these tips are helpful when you are trying to conceive.  There isn’t a method that is 100% guaranteed when it comes to gender selection.   Just stay relaxed, and have fun.   

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