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Nesting Fever, The Obsession To Clean
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Nesting Fever, the Obsession to Clean

You wake up in the middle of the night, you almost panic about whether the kitchen is clean. You get up to just make sure everything is in order. Or you start to unpack the nursery cupboards, you pack and pack and repack again, just to make sure it is all perfect. There is no need to start to worry, it is perfectly normal, you are experiencing nesting fever.

Nesting fever is a phase of pregnancy that you are going through. You know, it is so normal and natural you can see they do it in the animal kingdom as well. It is the primal instinct to prepare for the newborn to come, and this nesting fever can be seen across many species. The term nesting is taken from birds, this is when the birds also prepare for the new babies, they build nests.

It is important for you to experience nesting fever, it gives you a sense of being in control and that you are accomplishing something. There are so many things that are just out of your control during pregnancy, that you need this assurance that you can prepare for your baby. That you can make sure that everything is just right for their arrival. This way you take some of the control over something back.

You gain confidence in becoming a mother when you feel you have accomplished something, together with the rush of endorphin when you have completed a task and you are happy with what you have done.

You do still have to be careful though, even as natural as nesting fever may be, it also has to be done in moderation like everything else during this wonderful time. For example you cannot go about rearranging furniture by yourself, you will put way to much strain on your body and this can be harmful to you and your baby. You should also not be lifting anything heavy. You should also refrain from painting the nursery just before baby is born, as the pain fumes can be too strong for you and your new baby to handle.

When you do decide to scrub the whole house with a toothbrush like I did, make sure your cleaning agents are safe to use. Make sure that are no chemicals in it that is harmful to you or your baby through inhaling the fumes. And also wear gloves just in case so you minimize contact with your skin.

Other than taking the above safety precautions, please enjoy your sudden burst of energy; use it to sort out anything you wanted in your house. Also use this energy to precook some dinners and freeze it and also pack your and your baby’s hospital bags. This will all be a great help when baby arrives. You will have less things to worry about and you can just enjoy your new little treasure.

Every single day holds the promise of a miracle.

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:) nice reading!

  about 8 years ago

LOL .. this is something I will never have to deal with from here on out!! Nice read though, and some very good points 9like the green cleaners for one!)

  about 1 decade ago
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