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Nice Short Labor Or Hard Long Labor
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We are all different people. Some of us experience short, nice quick labor, while others have really long hard labors. Then some of us have more pain than others during labor. We all experience labor differently. Some women seems to even have a good time during labor, and others just have the worst time of their lives. Why do you think this is?

No one of us can predict how long our labor will be, no one of us knows. It could be anything from six to twenty four hours, there is not really any normal span for labor. The good news is that you are not doubles over by pain the entire time you are in labor. In normal circumstances labor starts off slow and event less, and it builds up slowly. It gives you time to warm up to what is happening, and gives you time to easily get to your place of safety.

During early labor, you can use the time to pay special attention to yourself. Take your time to focus on your up and coming journey, and take the time to get to your place of safety within yourself before all the excitement and big events start.

On your big day, there are many things that could have an influence on your labor. And of course your baby has a big influence on your labor as well. You have to keep in mind that you have to try and keep an open mind during the entire labor experience. You cannot predict anything about labor, apart from a planned c-section. Anything can happen during labor, in a split second anything could change and your labor could be completely different.

Your hormones also play a huge role in your labor, basically controlling it. For example it starts your labor and maintains it throughout labor. When there is a disturbance in the balance of your hormones it can cause your labor to be slowed down or even stalled.

Lets have a look at what exactly is slow labor. Slow labor is when you dilate very slowly, less than 1cm per hour. Just to ease your mind, it is not dangerous to you or your baby to have a slow labor. There are no risks involved for either of you. There are some cases where it can be easier if your labor progresses slowly, it makes it more manageable and more tolerable for you when your body takes its time to open up to labor. You are not failing to progress at all if you do experience a slow labor, do not let this scare you and keep you from achieving your goal to have a natural birth. Do not be afraid, just go with it.

Be sure to take your time, do not let anyone put pressure on you, you do not need others pressuring you to have things go according to a set scale or a pre worked out plan. You have to experience your journey your own way, and at your own pace. Do not pressure yourself of be pressured by anyone. You are allowed to have the ultimate experience, for you and for your baby. There is no rush for anything, just take your time, relax and enjoy the ride.

Generally the biggest cause of slow labor is fear. Fear is the culprit that makes everything slow down, can even stall it completely. It all could be frightening, the lights, the noises and everyone watching you the whole time. People keep asking you what is going on, what you are feeling and how you are doing. You seem to notice all the strange things around you and you start to fear your journey that lies ahead. You can get tense and anxious, this causes your body to shut down and put a pause on labor.

You need to distance yourself from these circumstances. Try to get away from all the things that scares you, distance yourself from it all and try to relax. Get yourself a quiet place, preferable it should be dimly lit. Also get yourself limited support people, just one of two and others on standby may you need them. You do not need to have everyone around you during early labor. If you do not need any help, get some time alone, relax and concentrate on you, your baby and your journey.

There is a part in your brain, the primal brain, this is the place where your labor and birth actually takes place. This is the part in your brain that picks up on the fear distress signals from other parts of your brain and the signals from your body. In simple terms, your brain recognizes the distress signals from your body, and then it slows labor until you can relax and get on with labor again. It is almost just like pressing the pause button on a movie and then pressing play again when you have the time to continue. Then the good news to all this is that labor will continue as normal, even at a faster rate than before.

When you are anxious and fearful, your body is acting and reacting in accordance. You should feel safe and be comfortable. When you achieve this, your labor will be kick started again.

Something else you should be careful off is dehydration. Drink lots of fluids and suck on ice during labor. Another thing that could be slowing down your labor is if the baby is not in the right position. Your baby may not be pressing fully on your cervix. Your midwife or caregiver can help you with positions and techniques to help your baby to realign to the correct position.

Slow labor is exhausts you, depletes you and leaves you without any energy. Take as many regular rest times as possible, even try to sleep in between contractions. It might not feel like it at the time, but a slow labor are not more painful than a faster labor, the only thing is that your are depleted of your energy and you are most likely tired.

If you are not dilating you can speed dilation up by having your medical staff rupture your membranes. If you completely fail to progress it may result in a cesarean section being done.

There are many ways that you can manage a stalled labor, I have many tips and tricks that can be useful to you to ensure that you have the best journey of your life. Good luck with the best most satisfying journey of your life.

Every single day holds the promise of a miracle.

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