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Pregnancy Diet And Nutrition On A Budget
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Pregnancy Diet And Nutrition on A Budget

Let’s start off with the diet talk first and get it out of the way. I hate diets. To me it is just that they are hard to follow, the foods are not easy to make and the ingredients are expensive. I am one of those people that turn around and start to run the moment you mention anything about me having to go on any kind of diet. I just don’t do diets. I know all too well about diets, so when I say we will talk about some really interesting topics regarding pregnancy diet and nutrition believe me it’s not a diet as you may think of or may expect, this is a few suggestions and an easy guide to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible during your pregnancy.

We all know that we have to eat healthy to have a healthy body, and that is especially true when you are pregnant. You are not just feeding yourself; you are feeding a little miracle too.

There is a secret to healthy eating that I will share with you today; it has nothing to do with any special kind of diet at all, no special expensive foods. It is merely following certain food guidelines as well as taking a moment to consider every time you want to stick something in your mouth. It is easier than you may think it is, you don’t have to spend any extra money and you also don’t have to be a dietician to be able to life healthy.

There are three basic rules to eating smarter and healthier, not just when you are pregnant, but all the time. Pregnancy diet and nutrition basically consists of three rules, and once you understand this, and you understand why certain foods are good for you then you will find it so much easier to just make the healthy choices and it will all become a breeze.

The three rules are as follows:

Rule No 1. Keep your blood sugar levels at bay. Eating for two does not mean you literally have to consume food for two people, it simply means that you have to get enough healthy food for two. It’s not the quantity, but the quality of food that matters. However you do have to up your kilojoules intake with your pregnancy diet and nutrition plan, you should be careful what you eat and in what quantities. You will find yourself being more hungry than usual, and probably have some cravings too that you are not used to. You need to bust this hunger and cravings with the food you eat. Let’s have a look at why you might be hungry or craving certain foods all the time, it’s simple really, different types of food have different affects on your blood sugar levels.

You need to maintain a healthy blood sugar level by keeping it balanced. Close your eyes imagine a heart monitor with a nice straight line, then suddenly the line spike. This is dangerous, and this happens when you eat chocolate for example. You get that sugar high, and then it comes down again, but it does not go down to where it was, most cases it goes down even lower.

You need to include low GI foods in your daily pregnancy diet and nutrition plan. These foods keep your sugar levels regular, and this will result in you not being hungry so often, and the other good news is you will be able to resist the temptation to munch on unhealthy snacks.

Rule No 2. Eat regular small meals. Yes, you probably guessed it, this rule also has something in common with keeping your sugar levels regular. And by now you should realize that it is very important to keep your sugar levels regular at all times, therefore it is crucial to know what to include and what to avoid with your daily pregnancy diet and nutrition plan.

Your three meals and two snacks per day should be stuffed with nutritious foods only; especially our snacks should be as nutritious to you and your baby as your meals are. Your three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a snack in between each meal.

It is not part of the rule, but there is no denying it, everyone who has ever been pregnant would know that there is always a midnight snack as well. This is no problem, just make sure it is healthy and nutritious but be careful not to indulge.

Your meals should consist of fresh vegetables as much as possible, better yet uncooked vegetables are even better. In your snacks, include things like boiled egg, cheese, crackers and yoghurt. Also include lots of fresh fruit in your pregnancy diet and nutrition plan.

The fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to keep your sugar levels regular, and even as importantly it supplies you and your baby with all your nutritional needs. Keep to a variety of basic fresh fruit and vegetables as this is kind to your budget too. You can even go as far as to grow them in your garden if you have a garden.

Rule No 3. Healthy eating starts with your shopping list. If you don’t buy it you don’t have it at home and then you cannot consume it. That is a personal rule I use to stay on a healthy pregnancy diet and nutrition plan. When you are doing shopping, you choose what you pack in the basket and what you pass up on. You have to choose the healthier options in order for you to eat as healthy as possible at home with your pregnancy diet and nutrition plan. In the shop you have to be strong and start to change your unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.

Rather opt for a brown or whole wheat bread, choose skim milk, brown rice and also all fresh fruit and vegetables. Then leave all unhealthy sugary or salty snacks altogether.

There is good news in all of this, and that is that cheap can also be healthy. You can also look out for the cheap options which are also healthy. When you have found the more healthy option, look for the cheaper brand. Be sure to look up and down the aisles and shelves, the cheaper options are rarely put in your line of sight, you have to look for it as it is specifically put outside of your line of sight.

When you start to make it a habit to look out for the best nutritional value in your food, but you also look out for products that gives you value for money, before long you will be healthy and strong and an added bonus is that your weight will never be a problem ever again as well.

Every single day holds the promise of a miracle.

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