Can I Trust This Website?
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Can I Trust This Website?

This post will be reviewing the truth about Site Build It:

Name: SBI (Sit Build It)

Price: 299$/ year; 29.99/month; 90 day trial period with a money back guarantee

Owner/Chairman: Ken Evoy, MD

Rank: 3/10

Who Is It For: You will need some website building experience to take advantage of this site.


SBI was founded and is now chaired by Dr. Ken Evoy. He is a graduate of McGill University and is a trained Emergency Room physician.

His first major success in the business world was with his toy company called Isovoy (which he co-owned with his wife). He transitioned into the internet web based building business and in 1999 coined the term "pre-selling".

His automated web building platform centers around developing good content on your website before monetizing your site (the essence of "pre-selling"). His introductory sales presentation begins with a well produced 30 minute digital video. The graphics and clarity of the presentation are of a very high quality.

The "PROS" of SBI...

SBI Training

The training is an elegant system of digital videos that cover the topics necessary to set up a web based business. Dr. Evoy's company has produced excellent digital video teaching sessions with smart graphics and catchy phraseology.

The teaching centers around the acrostic C.T.P.M:

"C" stands for Content

"T" stands for Traffic

"P" stands for Pre-sell

"M" stands for Monetize

The automated teaching program (beginning with the "Action Guide") goes through each letter of the acrostic in great detail. The digital videos are comprehensive in their coverage of all the topics necessary to build a web based business.

As far I could see, all the necessary topics for internet business development were covered in the automated program.

SBI Support

The automated program provides the domain name, an excellent keyword reseach tool called "Brainstorm", and web hosting. Each aspect of SBI support is well explained in their digital automated teaching program. As I said previously, the digital video production is very impressive.

The "CONS" of SBI...

You feel as if you are alone...

I had a few questions regarding the forums that are presented in SBI and whether I could speak with someone who could tell me how interactive the forums were. I attempted to call the displayed number 1-888-987-3669 three times. Each time I received a recorded message that the number was not available.

There was no live chat format available via SBI nor obvious real time community to post questions to.

You do not have real time access to the most experienced SBI entrepreneurs....

I searched the SBI site for a way to communicate with Dr. Evoy...I found none. A thorough search for private coaching was also not evident. I seemed unable to access a living person in real time for the questions I had after watching the digital video presentation.

You have to invest money before you see results...

The 90 day money back guarantee seemed conservative given the majority of what SBI was offering was a "pre-recorded" educational system. There was no free offer of a trial website build out or sampling of the educational system.

There was no obvious offer to become a "profit sharing affiliate" with the SBI system...

I admit I am biased towards businesses that invite the users of the system to share in the profits of recruiting other users for their system. It seems to me that if you are willing to share your profits for recruiting others you are sending a message that you are confident in the effectiveness of your system.

A satisified user is your best advertisement (and should be rewarded accordingly).


The SBI system provides an automated web building platform that lacks several important features that are essential to successful web site development. The novice web builder should be particulary forewarned (click here for more articles).

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