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Multiple Streams Of Income
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Multiple Streams Of Income

What is meant by multiple streams of income? It means that you have income coming in from several sources. Sometimes success with one stream of income will suggest another stream. Now we have an imaginary problem here. We might just be broadening an existing stream. If it makes us money, so what?

Here are a few examples of income streams that you can use to build up your Internet business income:

Advertising Income: AdSense comes to mind which allows Google to place ads on your site. When someone clicks on the ad, you get a kickback in cash. Some sites make many hundreds of dollars from AdSense. There can be a down side. Google will be pulling visitors from your site. It means your competitors can be pulling off potential customers. I have earned doing this, but I want people to stay on my site just a mite longer so I usually don't have such ads on my site.

You can also sell advertising space on your site. You can be picky and make sure you are not dealing with a competitor. To make any money in this manner, you will need lots of traffic to warrant your advertising customer paying for space.

If you have a newsletter, you can sell space. Incidentally, buying space on other people's newsletter can be a very effective way to build your business.

Information sites that are not pushing products can make a good income just from selling or permitting advertising on their site. Again, the site needs a good Alexa rating which means people are going there more than once for good information.

Create a New Product: Writers have multiple streams of income in some cases by having multiple clients or writing in different media. A newspaper freelance writer might also write magazine articles or articles for the Internet. But a writer can create a new product and sell it directly to customers on the Internet.

Take for example, a person marketing one product in his or her passion niche. When I say passion niche, I mean the niche that is most loved where passion shows up as excitement in the author's writing. A fast way to do this is to prepare a product for ClickBank. For a small fee, ClickBank will list the product in their Marketplace where affiliate marketers can pick it up and promote it. Have the income will go to the marketers but you will sell so much more product that it just doesn't matter. As it says in Ecclesiastes 11:1, Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.

By the way, this is like selling your product wholesale. Can you both wholesale and retail your product?

Other Products and Services: If you can get control of a product, yours or from someone else, you will have an advantage on the Internet. You also can find another affiliate program to promote. I suggest you look locally for a product you can promote. There are many small business in this world some with unique products.

Offer a Service: The Internet gurus are always selling their consulting services. If you are an expert in some area, you can too. I use to offer my engineering services which took me hither and yon but I never put it on the Internet.

Offer Teaching or Special Training: The Internet offers lots of training products. You can learn to play the guitar or paint a portrait. Do you have some special skill you can teach?

This recession has created people with multiple streams of income. They lost their good paying job so now they have three jobs. They push hamburgers during the day, have a night watchman job at night, and clean offices on the weekend. I'm glad this recession is lifting and I hope these folks can obtain good training to expand to the Internet where they can create better opportunities and more multiple streams of income that do not require them to work day and night.

Fly Old Glory!

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