Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (really?)
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Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam (really?)


2 years ago I retired from medicine (it was a "forced retirement"...a story I will share someday). I loved the practice of medicine and could think of no other way to serve others than as a physician.

I had always wanted to be a Doctor and actually self-actualized my dream. From the age of 6 years old (no kidding) I had a singular objective...become a physician.

I didn't have any obvious proclivity to be academic, or studious, or possess any genius qualities. I was just determined.

Through the years of my training I met alot of people like me. In fact, most of my colleagues were more determined than gifted. Perhaps their gift was determination.

The problem with me was I had never been determined about anything else. At 59 years old my object for deternination was shattered. How does a person replace a life long ambition?

For 2 years I searched for another mission...another assignment from the Lord. That may not seem like a long time to those who have never known the joy and peace of self-actualization.

But for me, a man who loved what he was doing (and was pretty good at it too), I was lost. There had never been a time without a definitive life objective. It was of epic proportions to me.

And so, I entered into the wilderness of the internet, wandering in uncertainty for 2 years. I tried multiple scams and thought many times that I had a "burning bush" experience with a scam artist.

Afterwards, frustrated and cash poor, I wandered some. And then, I was led to Wealthy Affiliates (WA)...

The Tridilemma...

This time I was going to assume that WA was a scam. I set out to prove that the founder "Kyle" was either delusional or an exquisite scammer.

The third option...that WA and Kyle were "for real" would not be proven by me. Instead, it would be the only option left if the other more likely options were disproven.


Delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. I set out to prove to myself that Kyle and the community must be delusional.

The Wealthy Affiliate program does not project itself as a "get rich quick" program. A new inductee must begin an extensive training program that has each lesson finish with "action steps" that require specific practical applications to be performed.

I found that I had to review each lesson 3 times to understand what Kyle was teaching and be able to apply it. Each lesson builds one onto another. As a new inductee powers through each lesson he finds his web site begins to grow before his eyes.

This web site can be on 2 different formats...the free format and the fully operational format. There is no pressure for one or the other by Kyle.

Each lesson teaches fundamental principles of a web business. From website development by way of the WordPress platform to marketing your site. Kyle even taught you how to manage the relationships you develop when drawing people to your site.

Each principle is carefully taught by Kyle via video and printed tutorials. There is no aspect of running an internet website that is overlooked. The training is comprehensive.

As other practical issues come up you access the community of WA users. A member submits their question to the community and your co-laborers offer suggestions as to how you can correct whatever your issue is. You have the option of adopting their advice or not.

I found that the community advice is so good that I created a separate file for it that I refer back to when a similar issue arises in others.

Kyle also points out (as does the community) other resources both in the WA training platform as well as outside the platform. There a new web builder can refer to have additional questions answered.

The WA perspective is to get answers for their community members. Those answers don't have to be exclusively from WA resources...I liked that. I worry when a system is informationally incestuous.

I was unable to prove WA was delusional. The founder Kyle and the WA educational system showed a consistency between the information that you need to build a web based business and the WA system.

My next step was to prove that there was deception somewhere in the WA program.


When an inductee starts with WA they are encouraged to begin with the free websites. As they grow they begin to see that "going Premium" will hasten their web site's growth.

There is no pressure to do so as they will have an operational web site that can monetized if they don't convert to Premium. Most people see the value of the Premium package and convert over.

A member can drop out of the program anytime and retain all that they have built.

It took about 4 weeks in the WA program for a post of mine to be "ranked" by Google on their first page. Kyle had taught me how to join Google Analytics and have them begin to take an interest in my site. The WA system also taught me how to place "Google Ads" on my website posts.

In my first month my site generated 17$ of revenue by having an ad appended to the top and bottom of my posts (I had 24 pages of posts after 1 month in WA).

So after 1 month I had a fully functional website (and a second that I was building). I had generated enough traffic to have one post "ranked" by Google and had generated a small amount of passive income from Google Ads.

Everything that Kyle had told me would happen to my site did as I powered through my lessons. There was no additional hidden fees as I progressed (a common strategy used by scam sites).

I was unable to prove that WA was deceptive.

Wealthy Affiliates Is What It Claims To Be...

Unable to prove that WA is delusional or deceptive I was left to one other conclusion...Wealthy Affiliates is what they portray themselves to be. WA is a system that teaches others to build a web site the "old way" through hard work, knowledge, advice from concerned friends, and "tweeking" your business as you go along.

There are no hidden costs. The profits come slowly with the emphasis on serving others through the content that you offer on your web site.

Once a person determines to follow the WA system they will see their business grow "right before their eyes".

I know that this review has been rather unconventional. Their are hundreds of other reviews that give the specific details of the WA system. You can refer to them for more details. I wanted to show you what my thinking process was to become committed to the Wealthy Affiliate system (click here for a link).

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