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It is easy to find what is selling online. What are the top-selling online products? One way to find out is to go to Amazon, choose a category and search for top selling products. Then when you find a product, check the items that are commonly sold with that product. Now you are building an inventory that you can sell. There are many sites selling products online and often they pay commissions to affiliates. Sites like Commission Junction list many businesses that allow affiliates to sell their products.

There are also wholesalers that will drip ship products if you are a dealer. I have been doing this for years. The advantage here is much higher profit margins. Amazon starts with small commissions but you can increase your commission rate by selling more and more products. If you sell your own stuff (or the stuff you are a dealer for), you have control of your customers which can bring you repeat sells which is essential for marketers like me. But a customer dropping into Amazon might buy more than the one item you sent him to find there.

I was never good at selling Amazon products. However, I have met some people who are making very good money. Like they say in this business, if you find something that works, then do that over and over again. I am going back to selling for Amazon using more aggressive techniques which means I'm going to generate some traffic.

Some folks are very good at selling ClickBank digital products, Others like me make less than they should. It is all about learning the tricks of the trade.

My criteria for selling on the Internet is:

1. Find out what people are buying.

2. Stay away from niches that are too competitive. (I won't list them. As soon as I do, somebody will say that he is selling in that niche all the time.)

3. Choose high-priced items for profit and lower-cost items for traffic or enticement.

4. Build a list in each area of interest. Sell to the list by announcing new products, special deals, etc.

5. Track your results and maintain good business practices.

You can sell products by:

1. Finding a niche that you know something about or are nuts about.

2. Build a website where you can describe your gifts and sell them.

3. Search keywords on the Google external keyword tool or similar tool. Chose a domain name by using the traffic information for your keyword name or phrase. Use hyphens or .net or such to get around competitive domain names.

4. Drive traffic to your site using article writing, PPC if you are well-heeled or like to live dangerously, using forums to make yourself an expert, using the social networking sites to announce what you are doing.

5. Have a blog to feed the masses information.

6. Learn to make videos that you can put on your site or on one of the social sites.

7. Sell to your lists.

You will have to learn some techniques to be successful in Internet marketing, but the rewards can be great if you are knowledgeable about your products and your markets.

Fly Old Glory!

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Another Great Article John,this is what I base my website on with Amazon as affiliates to sell their products to.Keep up the good work. Gary

  about 1 decade ago
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