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Is Facebook A Waste Of Time - Yes Or No, Which One?
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Do You Think Facebook is a Waste of Time?

What does Facebook mean to you? You might say “nothing” and you might say “a lot”, but what I want to talk about here is whether or not Facebook is total waste of time.

Surprisingly a lot more folk think Facebook is a waste of time and only a few disagree. And I have to tell you from my opinion, that Facebook is not a waste of time when you’re using it for business. The only time I see Facebook as a 100% waste of time is when I witness people playing and requesting me to join them in addictive games like 21 questions, Yoville, Farm Town, Restaurant City, Mafia Wars, Branchout and others.

Honestly, I just do see what the point is in these crazy games. What time to you have to sit around and play games all day when bills have to be paid and moves to make?

The only playful thing Facebook is good for is maintaining relationships with friends and family, and even this can be a waste of time when the drama hits in conversations, because things get taken the wrong way. In a sense, things get taken the wrong way outside of Facebook, but a lot more people tend to act tough when they’re online, when in reality, they are soft as pudding.

Sure thing, Facebook has become a way of life, but only the responsible ones knows how much value it holds for business owners online, locally, or outside of the country.

When I first began using Facebook, I was skeptical, because I was so use to Myspace and I heard that Facebook was for connecting with friends and family, and preferably, I didn’t have that many friends, just cousins that are doing their own thing. I wasn’t thinking about the business side, just for fun.

Is Facebook a Waste of Time For Business?

When I first started using Facebook, I didn’t use it a lot unless I was marketing my radio show. Indeed, it got quite addicting, because I met new people and began networking. For me, it’s the networking part of Facebook that gets you all into it, because as a business owner, you want to meet new people and get involve in what other people are involve in, that way your name or brand can get known. This is why it’s called social networking, not social for fun.

Final Thoughts on This Subject

The only ones that think Facebook is a waste of time are the ones that waste their time on it and have friends that waste their time on it. A real business person knows that it’s a must to befriend someone that has similar interest as you, which is business minded. All you have to do is check their profile or about me page to know what they’re about.

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Street Talk

If 170 people click the Like button on a restaurants Facebook page, I'll bet you that restaurant is good. That's the best use of Facebook that I've found in a while. I never liked the format of Facebook so I do a lot of re-posts from LiveJournal, slide share or other websites that can provide a little bit more shizam.

  about 9 years ago

I agree with you about the addicting games. Facebook is a great day to connect with friends. I started Facebook as a way to connect with friends, and now I also use it for business purposes. I have gotten more interaction with Twitter than Facebook. Twitter seems to attract more business-oriented people. I haven't given up on Facebook, though.

  about 1 decade ago

we can't give up on facebook. Its a business module that big or small businesses need.

  about 1 decade ago
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