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Psyichics Mediums And Clairvoyants Is There Life After Death
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Three words, that conjour up the worlds of mystery intrigue and scepticism by those who come into contact with them through the passing of a loved one close to them, Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, but the fundamental question asked by man and woman since the beginning of time is this:-


Many Religions advocate the fact that after we leave this earthly existence we transcend to a higher plain, heaven in the Christian faith for instance and each religion having its own higher plain of existence . But the bottom line of all religions is a superior being, ALLAH,GOD,BUDDA, and a place to transcend to, which is the reward for worshiping your chosen god and belief .

I myself, while sitting on the fence so to speak with regards to religion, tend to look at things more questionably, while the fundamental basics of all religions are a wonderful thing to behold and are for the good of mankind, I cant help thinking that it has got out of hand and is now being used to control mankind and used to manipulate the masses. More on that at a later date .

So the question you have to ask yourself is this, DO YOU BELIVE IN LIFE AFTER DEATH, and if so in what way ? I was brought up in the belief that you helped your fellow man regardless of any religion , I was brought up to question , analyse, dissect, if you like ,anything and everything that was put in front of me and I thank my parents for bringing me up that way, because it held me in good stead in my adult life.

I first came across Spiritualism after the death of my first wife and was introduced to it by my youngest son, like every one who has lost a loved one you grasp at any straw to get back what you’ve lost , but as I stated above , I questioned and analysed before I decided.

So I went to the meeting sceptical and to protect my son ,well you hear so much of these cults and sects that warp the mind of susceptible vulnerable people, however, I was very surprised to find that these people were exactly the same as myself , normal, everyday kind of people who needed some kind of connection with a lost loved one, therefore, I will admit, to making some genuine friends at these meetings.

So, it was at these meetings and seeing first hand the ability of ordinary people to see into other peoples lives and dare I say, relay messages from loved ones who have passed, all be it by thought ,personal possessions or cards, I found the experience very interesting and decided to look into the fundamental basics of SPIRITULISM and everything associated with it.

So take away the religious side of SPIRITULISM and we will concentrate on the mechanical side if you like, the receiving and passing on of messages from the other side and this can be done in many ways.

These are just three methods used, but there are many more.

CLAIRVOYANCE . The ability to receive messages straight to your mind as if it were in the form of pictures, thoughts, dreams.

CLAIRAUDIANCE . The ability to hear messages.

PSYCHOMETRY . The ability to receive messages or information from possessions , eg, rings, bracelets, or something owned by the person that has passed .

Or is it all just a ruse to exploit the vulnerable people who can be manipulated , for what ever reason the manipulator has. You could say you are being mind read ,well yes, that is a possibility, but if that is true, is that not a phenomenal feat in itself ,the ability to read another persons thoughts, I call that amazing, after all we only use 15% of our brain mass, so what is the other 85% for ? And what are the brains capabilities?

So many questions raised in this short article .

Is there life after death ?

Well my own personal view is that there is something after our life on earth, as to what it is, I do not know but I am still seeking an answer (analysing and dissecting).so let me put this thought to you .

Are we from the moment of birth put on a set path of life ,destiny if you like, is our life set out for us before we are born, and if so why? Is it because of something we have done in a past existence (reincarnation) and we have to learn by our mistakes? Have we done a wrong doing on the higher plain and have been sent here (earth) to pay for and learn by our mistakes (let the punishment fit the crime) which dictates how our life on this earth progresses ?

And the most interesting question I ask myself is this,


Think about it and I am going to be blunt and shock you.

For something to survive on this earth something has to die, take a look at any wildlife program or gardening program for instance. The food chain . Hang on, plants don’t kill I here you say , no they don’t but what gives the plants the nutrients in the soil they grow in ? Dead plants .

So are we on earth as a form of penance for wrong doings that we have done elsewhere and if so, after we have served our sentence, are we returned to that existence and also how many times have we been here (reincarnation). And this will also dictate the length of time we are here.

So do PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, and CLAIRVOYANTS receive messages from the other side ? And if so why don’t they give us information to make our life easier on earth,? Why don’t the one’s that have passed come to us and show themselves to us ?

Well let me put this to you. If you were in heaven , or a higher plain of your religion , and you had everything you could ever desire and wish for knowing that your loved ones will follow you and be with you eventually, would you come back to earth ? And if they did come back and tell us how fabulous and wonderful life on the other side is, with all your hearts desires there for the taking , I think we would all be lining up on the nearest bridge and jumping off ,which sorts of defeats the object of us being here.

Lots to think about and I hope that I have at least given you a new direction to consider when approaching the subject of, PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS and CLAIRVOYANTS and also LIFE AFTER DEATH.

Finally, before I close, is your soul the very essence of your existence that is placed in the situations and places that are mentioned above?

More to follow soon

more items on these subjects at my website

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