50 Things That Make My Life Awesome
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Life is good. It is wonderful to wake up every morning and see and hear the world around me. Here is what makes my life awesome.

First, there is God. He is always there--listening to me, watching over me, inspiring me, and helping me to make good decisions and be a better person.

Second, there is my family. They are wonderful, hardworking, loving, and supportive people, and I am grateful to have them in my life.

Third, there is online publishing. This is a unique way to earn money. I find it awesome because I am earning money even when I am away from my computer. I love writing, and I hope that my words will help and inspire my readers.

The fourth thing that makes my life awesome is my doll collection. I currently have 28 dolls, and I am always looking for more. I would love to find more celebrity dolls to add to my collection. I already have Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Reba, and Olivia Newton-John. I would love to find dolls of Eva Mendes and Lady Gaga if they are out there somewhere.

Fifth is "American Top 40". I listen every Sunday, eager to learn what the number one song is.

Another thing I love is the John Tesh Radio Show. I have not yet found a local station that carries the show, so I may start listening online. I love the show and the topics John talks about, like work, health, and relationships.

A seventh thing I love is having my own place. After living in dormitories for ten years during my undergraduate education, having different roommates almost every semester, and then moving to an apartment, it feels great to finally be able to stay put. Instead of moving at the end of the semester or the end of the lease, my husband and I can live here until we decide to move.

The eighth thing I love is "George Lopez". The sitcom is currently in reruns, but I never tire of watching George, his television family, and co-workers. They always make me laugh.

The nineth thing I love is "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" I love the contestants, the questions, and seeing how much money each contestant wins. I am hoping to be a contestant one day.

Next, there is "Miss Congeniality". Sandra Bullock is a great actress. I also love Michael Caine and Candice Bergen. This movie features a great story line and a very cool soundtrack.

Then there is "Sister Act" and "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit". I love both of these movies because they are comedies, they star Whoopi Goldberg, and because they feature a choir. I would love to join a choir and share my vocal talent.

Another thing I love is James Patterson. I love his writing style and his characters, especially Alex Cross.

The thirteenth thing I love is running. I have found that running is a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape.

Next is "Maria", a song by Blondie. I first heard the song in an episode of "Dawson's Creek" during my undergraduate years. I fell in love with the song. Since then, I have learned that it is a great running song. I now own "Blondie's Greatest Hits", so I can run to "Maria" whenever I want to.

The fifteenth thing I love is "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga. It is a great song, and hearing it puts me in a good mood.

Then there is coffee. I love the smell as it brews and the taste as I put it to my lips to take a sip. It goes well with breakfast foods and is the perfect way to start my day.

Another thing I love is pizza with mushroom, onion, and bell peppers. I love this combination, and it helps me to watch my weight and stay healthy.

The eighteenth thing I love is Christmas. I love everything about it--the preparation, the excitement, family traditions like my grandmother's oyster stew, visiting with everyone, and hearing songs on the radio that I only hear around Christmas, like "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid. Christmas is always memorable and very special.

The nineteenth thing I love is hot cocoa. This is a tasty hot beverage that is perfect to have just before I go to bed because it does not keep me awake. It is also great to enjoy while reading a book.

Another thing I love is breakfast. My day goes much smoother if I have breakfast before starting my work. I prefer traditional breakfast foods, such as a bagel with cream cheese, but I have found that pizza also makes a yummy breakfast.

Next is treasure hunting. If I look down at the ground while I walk through a parking lot, I never know what I will find. I find trash, of course, like pop tops and bottle caps. Sometimes I find good things, like money. Money will change my life. When my life improves, I can help others to improve theirs.

Then there is finding out that an article has been approved. When I have submitted an article for publication, I eagerly check my email. When I get word that my article has been approved for publication, it makes my whole day better. I get excited because I am earning more money and getting closer to fulfilling my dreams.

The twenty-third thing I love is sleep. After a long, busy day, it feels very good to crawl into bed, fall asleep, and dream sweet dreams. I sleep soundly and wake rested, ready for another day.

The twenty-fourth thing that makes my life awesome is light. In the morning, I go out to the kitchen, turn on some music, and open the blinds. I want to let the light in so that I will be in a good mood. Dark is great at nighttime, but I need light in the daytime so that I can feel my best.

The twenty-fifth thing I love is sushi. I like sushi because it is tasty and healthy. I also like it because I usually eat it at a restaurant. The restaurant I go to is quiet, which makes a very pleasant and relaxing meal.

Another thing I love is rollerblading. I am not yet skilled enough to venture out into the streets in my skates. I usually use my skates at a skating rink, where the floor is smooth and level and the only things I have to watch out for are young skaters who might run into me from behind or someone who is skating in the wrong direction. Despite my lack of experience, however, I love skating and find that it is a fun sport and a great workout.

The twenty-seventh thing I love is Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Besides being a very cool theme park with many great attractions, it holds a special place in my heart. Disney World is where my husband and I got married in August 2000.

I love watching stage productions, such as plays and dance recitals. I love the excitement and suspense. I also love sharing the experience with the crowd that is watching with me.

I love my sleep mask, because it allows me to get a good night's sleep. I wanted a mask years ago when I had a roommate in college who kept very strange hours. I asked around, but I never found a mask. Fortunately, I have one now, and I am thankful. Now, people will not meet a bear when they see me in the morning, because I will have had my beauty sleep!

Another thing I love is finishing something. Whether it is an article or a book I am reading, I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish something I have been working on.

Number 31 on the list of what makes my life awesome is losing weight. I love to lose weight because I feel better, I like what I see in the mirror, my clothes fit better, it is easier for me to move around, and I can get my work done faster.

Next, there is getting more followers on Twitter. I get very excited when I check my email and see that a new person is following me on Twitter. My words have reached another person, and I will be able to earn more money.

Then there is giving blood. Though I do not like pain, I love the idea of helping someone. If another human being is in need of a blood transfusion, I will gladly give blood. Life is precious, and people should be able to enjoy it.

Another thing that makes my life awesome is shopping on Black Friday. Many people prefer to stay away from stores on the biggest shopping day of the year, but I love to shop on this day. I love the crowds and the excitement.

Number 35 on the list of what makes my life awesome is getting good grades. After working for many hours on a research paper, it feels good to be rewarded with a good grade. I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that I am doing well rather than panicking and worrying that I might fail the class.

Next, there are motivational speakers. Many people prefer to spend their free time on activities such as hanging out at bars with friends. I do not normally go to bars because they are smoky and noisy. Spending an evening listening to a speaker is an enjoyable evening for me. When I was at Northwestern State University, I saw two motivational speakers who made an impression on me: Ellen Gootblatt, who spoke about relationships, and Maya Angelou, who read some of her poetry. Their presentations inspired me, and I would like to inspire others. I am interested in learning what it would take to become a motivational speaker. I would like to become a speaker because I want to make a difference in the lives of others, improve my confidence, and be in a profession that requires me to wear a suit.

Another thing I love is the instant response of email. Since email is instantaneous, I can submit time-sensitive material without worrying about missing a deadline. Once the material has been submitted, I can breathe a sigh of relief and relax rather than worry.

Regular mail, commonly referred to as snail mail, may be slower, but I love it when I receive something exciting in the mail, such as Garfield comics from my grandmother. She and I love Garfield, and the strips always make me laugh.

Then there is being a morning person. I love being a morning person because morning is when everyone is up and busy. I also love being a morning person because I have the whole day to get my work done. If I procrastinate and wait until later in the day to do my work, I may be too tired to finish it. Then I will likely have to save it and put it away for the next day. If it is a paper, procrastinating could mean that I suffer the penalty of a lower grade or increased anxiety because of having to rush to get it in on time.

The fortieth thing that makes my life awesome is having my own computer. I love my laptop because it is very portable and because the material on it is mine. I am the one who uses it. I do not share it with other people, the way I would share a computer at a school computer lab or a library. I also love it because if I make a mistake, such as a typographical error, my document is not ruined. I simply fix the mistake and continue.

Another thing I love is my blender. I love making frozen concoctions using fruit like strawberries, bananas, or kiwi. These drinks are tasty, healthy, and refreshing on a hot day.

I love participating in charity walks because I am walking for a good cause, getting some exercise and fresh air, and participating in an event with a group. Charity walks are fun, and I would love to find some to get involved in as long as there is no fee to participate in them.

I also love challenging myself. I know not to pick unrealistic challenges, like writing and publishing twenty articles in a single day. A more realistic challenge would be to write and publish one article each day. Writing and publishing one article each day would allow me to earn some money while also doing other things that need to be done, such as staying fit, cleaning the house, and cooking meals.

I love my slow cooker because productivity is very important to me. As a graduate student and a writer, I am often very busy. While food is cooking in my slow cooker, I can be getting my work done. That way, I do not have to miss out on valuable sleep. Then, after several hours, the food has finished cooking. I can take a break from my work, and my husband and I can eat.

I love peace, because I can be calm when I am at peace, rather than worried or uptight. When I am at peace, I feel good and sleep well.

I love Reconciliation, because it allows me to let go of my sins. It is at times difficult to confess what I have done wrong. Once I have confessed, however, I feel better. I am free.

I love getting inspiration for my writing. I have found that inspiration can come from anywhere, such as a song I heard on the radio or something I saw online. Inspiration may help me to create many written works.

I love Northwestern State University because it is where I met many special people in my life, including my husband. It is also where I earned two degrees.

I love my microwave oven because I can fix food fast. I just pop in the food, heat it for the specified time, and it is done. I love the microwave because it is helpful on busy mornings when I am in a hurry. If I heat something in the microwave, I do not have to worry about leaving the house, accidentally leaving the stove turned on, and starting a fire, because I did not use the stove. Since I used the microwave to fix my breakfast, I can relax and focus on my day.

Finally, I love being remembered on my birthday. I celebrate my birthday by doing something I really want to do, such as going to see a movie. My day is extra special when I also get emails or phone calls from family and friends who are sending me birthday greetings.

What about you? What makes your life awesome?

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I love this article. :)

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Thanks! :)

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I can appreciate most of your top 50, some not quite thingfs I identify with but #1 is great and because of that you can enjoy the other 49...

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Thanks for reading! :)

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