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Best Man's Speech- What Can I Say Or Talk About?
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Best Man\'s Speech- What Can I Say Or Talk About?

Most people who are asked to be a best man will find the idea to be both an honor as well as a possible headache. It is incredible to note the large number of people who would prefer to die rather than speak in front of a large group of people. It is for this reason that many people shy away from the role of public speaking. However, unless you are suffering from a severe case of shyness or lack of confidence, you will find that you actually have more than the necessary abilities to speak in front of the wedding party and guests. As a side note, I remember a case when I attended a seminar on marketing, and the room was asked if anyone had a fear of speaking in public. I was astounded to see about a third of the hands go up, and this was amongst a crowd of about three hundred people.

However, to put this situation in perspective, I am certain that many times, people are uncomfortable with public speaking because they are not sure they will sound confident or know their material. For what it is worth, I have found that most people, in the audience, are more worried about what they will have for dinner or are concerned about their next mortgage payment. My point is that people are not as concerned about your odd mistake or not as they have too many of their own problems to worry about.

Having cleared that up, we can move onto the actual issue of your best man's speech. You need to make sure that you mention the basics, like how beautiful the bride looks, as well as what an honor it is to have all the special guests from the wider family present. It is also beneficial to think about a few of the wacky things that you got up to over the years as friends, but remember that nothing should be said that would impact your relationship with the family after the wedding. In other words, any thing you could repeat to your mother in law will probably be suitable. However, if there is anything that is potentially politically sensitive or liable to cause upset and ill feeling is best left out. I also recommend that you actually run the speech through with a trusted friend before the big day to make sure that it is clean, funny and still includes all the important points as mentioned above.

It can be beneficial to read best man speech examples from books so that you can see how others have structured their speeches. I have found that by imagining myself as the listener and knowing the groom, helps me to create a best man speech that is interesting and well structured. After all, you are there to help organize the day for the wedding couple and also to provide a humorous interlude during an otherwise formal occasion. \

It's about being able to recount stories of special experiences that are funny and that will possibly create mild discomfort for the groom, but that can be immediately followed up by an inspiring point about how good the groom is in terms of looking after his bride as an example. Based on this advice, I recommend you settle down and think about all the good things and adventures you have shared together. You are there to enjoy the wedding event as much as anyone elese. You have plenty to say as a best man, and can imagine you are talking with a group of your friends.

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