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Does The American Dream Still Exist
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Before the recession hit  before the internet came out more than a decade ago people were meant to follow in their parents footsteps. Social Security was strong 401K all the benefits were available. Most would  remember  this  as the American Dream. To their amazement like most good things unless trusted in the good hands will not last. This American Dream was not taken care of not because human fault  or one’s ability to get something done.  Worst the American Dream was stolen away by greed, selfishness, and pure arrogance. If I am correct these words were taught  to us in grade school  of what not  to do.

I use to believe when I put my hand to my chest and said the pledge of allegiance that everyone around me meant  what  they said. I hate to say it but that is not the case here ladies and gentlemen. The American Dream is to drop the middle class to the poor level and the rich to be richer. This seems a little unfair to me. 

Every day when I wake up and go to my job I put on the same boots. I always tell myself I am working to help  to  maintain  are economy. Then I listen to the news on the way to work to find out somebody else in the upper class stole money from the government but is not going to jail. This not only ruins a good day but it also makes me wonder why I even put on those boots to go to work anyway. I am paying for things that won’t be around when I get older. Don’t get me wrong I like taking care of the elderly and helping out people in need.

When it comes to the life of people I say live it. I believe in savings but at the same time try to  expand  who  you are. I believe that even though it is not safe to invest in this economy  I believe there is still one safe investment  left  and that is ourselves.  In order to get more out of life happiness is the key. If you’re happy you think better  and make smarter choices.

If you want to look at those boots for the rest of your life I understand. I don’t because all I see is the wear and tear on ones’ body from working. Not to mention all the times you will be away from your family. Let’s not forget working for a boss who doesn’t  care  about  anything  but the overall make of the day. If something were to happen to you who knows if your health insurance will cover  you or even be  there.

I am not trying to scare you I am just showing you that there are other  sources out  there to survive in this recession. I believe and respect people that go to work every day 5-7 days a week   for 40 plus hours a week.  That’s what  my parents do and their  my hero’s, but they taught me to always  look after myself  and the people  I love.  With this kind  of  encouragement  I  started  to think outside the box and realized that I don’t want to be stepped  on  or taken advantage of. Life is too  short  to do what others want  you to  do, “so  today do what you want to do and let others  follow.” 

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