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Four Factors To Improve Your First Impression
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My eighty five year old grandmother named “Mama Ann” would always remind me to never judge a book by it’s cover! If you are one of the best motivational speakers, you will be judged and definetly observed. So keep that in mind because you have one time to razzle dazzle your audience. First impression is important and I can think of three other factors that every great motivational speaker should have. I will discuss those three factors in the following paragraphs.

Smile and Relax

Showing off those white teeth to everyone you meet may be one of those most important things you can do when entering a room. A great smile explains effortlessly that you are caring, sharing and look forward to engaging others in conversation. Take a deep breath, focus and relax as you approach the podium, the audience is there to give you their undivided attention. Smile and relax as each descriptive word flows from your tongue.

The Right Message for your Audience

It’s important that as a speaker, you research the group or organization that you will be delivering your message to. Seems so obvious I know, but you would be surprised how many speakers make the mistake of not customizing their speeches to the group of people who have paid for their inspirational services. Practice, some speakers will tape themselves with very inexpensive video cameras. I have had some friends that will practice their motivational speeches while their spouse or children eat dinner or lunch. I find I’m most comfortable practicing the old fashion way. I will wake up each morning, brush my teeth and step in front of my dresser that has a “Mirror”! Watching myself, my facial features, my eye contact in front of a mirror 20 or 30 times or until I’m comfortable with every word I utter.


Take the time to visualize yourself giving a great speech every opportunity you get before the day of your speaking engagement. You might be taking the kids to school or going to the grocery store to get food for your household. Use your time wisely to visualize yourself giving a great speech. So when it comes your turn to address a crowd who is eagerly waiting to hear you speak, remember that your first impression can consists of several determing factors. Visualize your success, choose the right message, smile and relax and practice, practice, practice!

These three factors motivational speakers use regularly, will help you in any circumstance because you always want to leave a good first impression.

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