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How Do You Write A Eulogy
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Have you recently lost a loved one and need to or have been asked to write a eulogy? Few people even know what a eulogy is let alone how to write one and the task can become daunting and stressful and this is not what a person need in time of mourning.

The fact also that if your are to write a eulogy and have never written anything like this before let alone read anything in-front of a crowd, it is going to be even much harder when this has to be done when you have just lost a close loved one and trying to write memoirs about them isn't going to be easy.

Writing That Eulogy

The first step to take before you do anything is to relax and not to panic as there are numerous ways of writing a eulogy even if you have never written anything before. Clear your head of what it will sound like in-front of a crowd as you need to remember that everyone here in the room is here in support and not to judge you on your writing skills.

Before you begin to write, make a quick draft with a plan using bullet points. You will want to add some humanity as well as humor to your speech packed with emotional touches. Depending on how close you are to the deceased or how well you knew them you should include the following in to your eulogy...

- Introduce who this person was and how close you were and how you knew them.

- Say why they were so special.

- Tell some stories about their lives. What they achieved. How they affected others.

- Tell something funny they did.

- Describe them. What music they loved and what they liked to do.

- Give your own personal experience of the person and why you will always remember them.

- Finish up with a final goodbye and here you could also finish on a poem or quote.

By using and reading sample eulogies and using the points above, you should easily be inspired to come up with a great eulogy pretty fast as the words should spill on to the page through the memories unfolding.

What Resources To Use

There are many resources you can use from studying famous eulogies to downloadable e-books. A lot of people these days when asked to write a eulogy head straight to the Internet which is fine because the Internet is a brilliant place to find help with what you need. There are numerous helpful sites that can give you samples on how to write eulogies or how a eulogy should look and this can give you great inspiration and direction.

Another idea is to go to a local bookstore or better still the library and find “How to” books or books with eulogy samples. By studying some famous eulogies and incorporating it with your own quick draft you could easily have your own ready in no time.

Writing a eulogy for a loved one should not be stressful. It should be a privilege to pay homage for the life lived and it is up to you, the writer, to tell the people in the room who have come to pay their respects why this was a great person and why they will be remembered.

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