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How To Conclude Your Public Speech Succefully
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How to Conclude Your Public Speech Succefully

As you might know , the information have to be structured in such a way that people can easily follow up and understand it you have to be able to develop your subject in a logic way as I explained in the previous article that teaches the different parts of a talk for and effective and successful outcome . it will be better to make sure read that article first so it will make it easier to fully comprehend the idea behind this topic.

What do you need to do? In your concluding part of your presentation, say something well designed to move the audience to take the action on what they have heard.that is very,very Important ,why?.. experts says that whatever is said in the conclusion is often remembered the most. Do not minimize its importance! No matter if you have carefully researched and organize the material for the body of your speech. You may also have prepared an interest-arousing introduction and that is fine. Still, one more thing is needed ,an effective conclusion.. If the conclusion is weak or poor, even what went before it may lose much of its definitely don’t want that. Right?

Points to Keep in Mind. What you state in your conclusion has to be directly related to the theme of your speech. [ let say wrap it up ] It should follow as a logical conclusion to the main points you have developed. Although you may want to include some key words or phrases from your theme as a whole,

ordinarily, your sole purpose in speaking is to encourage others to take some action on the basis of the information you present to them. One of the main purposes of the conclusion is to show them what to do. Remember! ,they coming to you because they expect to get answers for their problems When you selected your theme and main points, did you consider carefully why the material would be important to your audience and what your objective would be in delivering it? If so, you know the action that you would like them to take. Now you need to explain what that action is and perhaps how to go about it.

Add some motivation to the concluding part of your talk , It ought to include sound reasons for acting and possibly benefits that can result from doing a proper tone in your voice,your body movement ,etc. remember avoid being dogmatic !

Keep in mind that the talk is concluding. What you say should indicate that. Your pace should also be proper. Do not speak rapidly right up to the finish and then stop abruptly.take time to go over main theme highlighting the benefits of taking action on what they heard . Keep in mind that most in the audience might take notes,so must be considerate in this regard. Speaking in public should not be hard after all ,with plenty of preparation in advance .

1) try to visualize your audience ,

2) think about of what they need to know ?and...

3) what they already know ?and just deliver...

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Great article. This only thing I would have want to see is an introduction. But the meat of it is pretty good.

  about 1 decade ago
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