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Paul Brinson Was Guest Speaker At More 2 Give, Inc Luncheon
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This past weekend I was invited to be the guest speaker at a luncheon for the More 2 Give non- profit organization that is based in Virginia. I had met the founder Elenora Shonda Dixon-Barnes about six months ago at a video shoot dance rehearsal that my daughter was participating in.

Most people who know me consider me a people person because I’m just not shy when it comes to meeting new people. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I meet another positive person in the community that is doing all they can to help others.

When I first encountered Mrs. Barnes I witnessed her being very patient and polite as she taught dance moves to kids and teenagers from the age of four to seventeen. Now because I have an entertainment background I especially know how difficult that task can be because the little ones aren’t always so attentive.

Mrs. Barnes took the time to answer all questions about the dance moves and made a connection with the kids as a great role model. I wasn’t surprised when I found out she was trying to help her community. I’m not sure of the exact date but I do know it was right before school started this year, I saw something I will never forget.

I was sitting at home watching the news and guess who I saw on television? Channel 13 news was doing a story on a new organization called More 2 Give, Inc. who had organized a drive that gave hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in the community that needed them.

I thought to myself “that was a great idea” because I know how hard it can be to try and get everything together for your kids when school first starts. There are so many extra bills that occur that usually aren’t a regular monthly expense. The price of clothes, shoes and school supplies has increased so much and the economy is in a downward spiral.

I know what it’s like to be over extended on bills and struggling to keep the roof over my family’s head. The news clip showed video footage of kids and parents excited because they got those backpacks and then a young lady started speaking.

It was Mrs. Barnes on my television explaining that “alot of parents, especially large families don’t have a lot of money to spend on the kids, so we are just trying to help out.” Now isn’t that something! More 2 Give, Inc. knew there was a need and acted upon it.

They were able to help families in need in a time when so many people are turning their backs on other people’s problems. I jumped on theopportunity to speak and to inspireothers to give at More 2 Give, Inc. first luncheon held at Norview Community Center this past weekend. I look forward to helping More 2 Give, Inc in the future because its families helping families!

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