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Nowadays everyone claims to be a writer or an author and want to know where they can find the top book publishers to publish their first book. However, what they need to do is first learn the book publishing process because there are still some crooked book publishers that charge outrageous fees just if they accept your book for publication. The fees are commonly called administrative or reading fees.

Before a book goes into publication, it first needs to be edited. This can be done by the publisher and it should be at no cost to the author. A contract is usually made between the author and publisher regarding the publication costs.

You must read the contract carefully because there are numerous of top book publishers that offer unfair contracts like obtaining right of the books. Or another example is if the authors says anything negative about the publisher, sometimes they must pay a fine to the publisher.

Furthermore, some publishers still keep the rights with them for a longer period of time regardless if the book is selling or not. For example, “Publish On Demand” books are not revealed by the publishers and bookstores must not stock the POD books. They must make the books available at all times.

It is your job and responsibility as an author to go to any bookstore and see if the top book publishers’ books are just being stocked or being displayed. If you want to go even further or you’re not satisfied, you can even ask the bookstore owner yourself. Always do background checks on book publishers through the internet first. Look on their website to see if they are promoting books. If they are, that’s a good sign. If they merely recommend names of writers then I would draw a red flag.

You can also look for recommendations from other authors as well. There are many writers’ forums and interviews they conduct that will also recommend top book publishers.

Lastly, I wanted to just offer some motivation to you. With the book publishing process and dealing with different publishers, you may experience a lot of rejection. What you have to keep in mind is that these publishers get hundreds of submission everyday and there is only a small percentage of authors that will ever get published. So just keep your options only and even look into considering small publishers as well. They can do just as a good as a job, sometimes even better than a big, top book publishers.

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