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Benefits Of Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing - An Overview
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Benefits Of Self Publishing Vs Traditional Publishing  -  An Overview

The benefits of self publishing vs traditional publishing really boil down to the concept of: do you prefer the black pants or the white. The idea of self-publishing is more common today than what it was just ten (if not less, like four) years ago.

The old school way of getting a book self-published was as simple as putting up big amounts of cold hard cash to do it. As much as $25,000 could be easily spent getting a printing company to make you several hundred copies of your book or more.

Typically traditional publishing always wins. Of course many authors who have a traditional publisher will tell you that, mostly because they have got to that point you so desperately seek - being published!

Traditionally published authors usually suffer sending their well polished manuscript to one publishing agency after another, while having rejection notices piling up. I have read from popular authors that they had spent as much as ten years trying to sell their first book. Do you have that long to wait? I sure don't.

Take a look at one of your favorite authors' publisher - then look at their published works from 1st book to the last and see if they ever changed publisher somewhere down the line.

Traditional publishers don't let their authors have a say in much - usually even with the cover design. As a writer you probably have a great idea of what your cover looks like long before you finish writing the book.

So... here we are. Spend countless years sending our hard work to traditional publishers - or raise a fortune getting it printed ourselves and then walking (and of course long distance traveling) to see about getting someone to buy your book?

You could sell it online these days, right?

Have you heard of a new way to self-publish? Print-On-Demand (POD) is becoming very popular. The way these companies work is you can upload your finished book, design your cover, as well as your interior (especially for you writers that are making a cook book or something and not a fictional novel) and have it for sale online.

What will it cost you?

Depends. Nothing to a few hundred dollars or more depending on what you want to do yourself or what you want help with. These POD companies do not all charge a fee. You could upload your book anytime and anyway you like for free. Of course getting a good editor to polish off your book is always a good idea.

I always recommend getting a good editor as well as buying your own ISBN number. If you have your own ISBN number you can sell your book anywhere you like - even beyond the particular POD company you choose.

Keep in mind that Print-On-Demand publishing doesn't require you to buy anything because they only print your book each and every time a customer orders it. I know how this sounds, and there is a lot to it but POD companies are always there to help you.

There have been a lot of books that were self-published that have ended up being picked up by a traditional publisher... do some research and you will see. If you wrote a good book - marketed it well - they may end up calling you instead of you calling them.

"I like the idea of self-publishing my novel, but how do I market it?"

There are many different ways. Look into PR (press releases) because getting your book in front of journalists is a very smart move. Then there is everything else from social media to buying advertising on the radio. Do what suits you - and what is in your budget. there are always inexpensive and free ways to market - just look into it.

So have you decided what are the real benefits of self publishing vs traditional publishing? Check things out for yourself. After all it would be better to put your work out there than have it siting on your hard drive or in a notebook in a drawer somewhere where it has no hope of seeing the light of day.

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